Poet at 2 A.M.

For Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt #58: Nighttime

Poet at 2 A.M.

Nighttime becomes a flight
of fanciful dreaming. Scheming
plans to form face of tomorrow
and beyond.

Some grow pale at thought
of veil of silence, thick as brick
boundaries that can’t be scaled.
Imagined wails of distress, echoes
from fearful childhood.

Instead, might wrap head round
reality of godlike pleasure in bending
shadows to form words, verbs
that arc through darkness, calling out
for life to finally emerge.

Elizabeth Crawford  7/21/11

Process Notes: Had pretty much decided not to do this prompt because everything that started forming in my head sounded clunky and rather dull. Changed course and went to respond to comments on another of my blog sites. Happened on a comment from Mike Patrick about something I had told him about Hip-Hop Poetry and following the sounds, rather than the rules. This poem was a direct result of listening to my own advice. Imagine that! And thank you Mike for reminding me and pointing out a path that has worked well in the past. This is what I was originally trying to say, but forgot to listen.

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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9 Responses to Poet at 2 A.M.

  1. Sometimes the words just flow and… away we go! Glad Mike was able to give you a bit of a nudge, too.

    Daydreamertoo, yes sometimes the flow comes easy, other times it gets a bit muddy. Makes no difference we still seek to do what we do. Just glad Mike, with his questions and response, reminded me of something I’ve done in the past. It certainly worked. Thanks for stopping by,



  2. Elizabeth, that Mike is a clever guy. Glad you decided to listen. Nicely done.


    Pamela, it always amazes me how easily we ignore our own inner voices. Glad that Mike’s words reminded me and glad that you enjoyed,



  3. jinksy says:

    godlike pleasure in bending
    shadows to form words

    Ain’t that the truth! 🙂 I’ve done similar things at 2am before now…

    Thanks jinksy, I love how life, the living of it one day at a time, can change our perspective without our even noticing it. Glad to know you could relate,



  4. Susannah says:

    I loved the descriptive lines –
    “Some grow pale at thought
    of veil of silence, thick as brick
    boundaries that can’t be scaled.”

    I think you have captured the essence of night that evolves from our child selves fears, to the enormous creative potential of those dark hours. Nicely done Elizabeth.

    Susannah, once this one decided to take its place, it just sort of rolled out. Don’t mind when that happens. And yes, I think we spend a great deal of time getting ourselves past those childhood fears and some never get there at all. Thanks for the encouragement,



  5. Old Ollie says:

    Really like this, it has a nice natural flow; and vivid images too. Great piece.

    Thanks Ollie, I enjoyed both the prose and poem you had to offer, the poem especially brought back memories,



  6. anl4 says:

    Night time another realm… liked that you followed the sound.

    Annell, I’m glad that I did as well. Strange how sometimes we simply sort of misplace the most basic things we know and someone has to remind us of what we already know. Thanks for being one of my regulars,



  7. Ella says:

    Glad you posted and that you found insight from Mike~ I love these lines:
    “Instead, might wrap head round
    reality of godlike pleasure in bending
    shadows to form words, verbs
    that arc through darkness, calling out
    for life to finally emerge”
    This speaks to that state between, the lull of the night and potential for gifts to appear!
    Great job~

    Thank you much Ella, I find that night time is great for the creative process. No day time distractions to interfere with completed thoughts and ideas.



  8. A wonderfully rich read, Elizabeth. I am enjoying reading all the different “nights”…….

    Hi Sherry, I think we often miss what the nighttime has to offer, flights of fancy that don’t have space in daytime hours. Glad you are enjoying yourself,



  9. That works very well!

    Thanks Mad, glad you enjoyed it,



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