For Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt: Untitled

We were asked to do a free write and title it Untitled. Then readers have the option of figuring out what it is all about and perhaps even finding a title for it.

Untitled (for good reason)

Never start with a title
slants whatever comes after
and untitled is the worse
because it bursts with meaning
couldn’t think, clueless mess
without direction let alone focus

Hocus pocus going nowhere
meaning nothing just a string of words
mashed together
maybe a curve here or there
does anyone care if it goes anywhere

I don’t. Can’t. Won’t. Even if I could
doesn’t mean I should or would
swear it isn’t fun so why am I smiling
at this nonsense never done

Nonsense means no sense
lacking sensible input of logic
or reason totally out of season
no blooms or raging colors
perhaps a broom to sweep
it all up in a cup while weeping
in sorrow over borrowing from empty
bin tinny sound without roundness
of treble or bass

Case in point would be this poem
seeking home or at least an ending
but just keeps bending wending
its way across page
nothing sage about it
and sage is a spice
used for dressing turkey
in tuxedo to go to a prom
with that cute little chicken
he chased last week
like a sorry geek was elated
when she compensated and said yes
cause she has a lettuce dress she’s never worn
perhaps they deserve one another
in this sort of vinegar tossed salad endeavor.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/19/11


About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: http://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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10 Responses to Untitled

  1. Marian says:

    dig it! tossed salad endeavor. hah!

    Well, Marian, when I saw the turkey come waddling around the corner, had to give him something for his troubles. Tossed salad is what this actually makes me think and feel, lol. Thanks for stopping,



  2. Mary says:

    Elizabeth, this poem has me coming and going. Some of my favorite lines are:

    Case in point would be this poem
    seeking home or at least an ending
    but just keeps bending wending
    its way across page
    nothing sage about it
    and sage is a spice
    used for dressing turkey
    in tuxedo to go to a prom

    I love how you wind from one thing to another, and I wind right with you!

    Lol, thanks Mary, most of my free writes look a bit like this. Free means move in any and all directions. Really glad I didn’t lose you. Almost threw my pen away when I saw the turkey, but he gave himself freely so had to accept. Thanks for your support,



  3. Last line was waaaaay kool. Enjoyed this. Ur one of my fav voices. Great work on the fly.

    Great way to put it, Henry. I call it flying by the seat of my pants, no instruments. Thanks for your generous words and glad you enjoyed,



  4. Ellen says:

    Clever way of weaving sweet and sour. The pattern of free thought made it feel like my dialogue daily…do this, do that. It had that tossed salad feel…Well Done~

    Thanks Ellen, it is a tossed salad. Free writes work that way for me. Listening to the sound rather than the sense, then sprinkle in some herbs and spices, lol. Gotta admit though, the turkey surprised even me.



  5. I love the humor here – and the turkey with a date with the chicken who has a lettuce dress. Such a fun read.

    Thank you Sherry, the humor wasn’t intended, it just sort of crept in with the turkey, lol. That is what usually happens when left to my own devices.



  6. Renee Espriu says:

    Nonsenseical, perhaps, but words that flow nonetheless and even without a label or title the words can still have meaning to whomever reads them. Well done!

    That’s high praise for nonsense. It started out to find its own path, and then that turkey gobbled it up. Thanks for your very generous words, Renee,



  7. Anna :o] says:

    Love the humour of it at the turkey stage! It made me smile!

    Anna :o]

    Thank you Anna, smiles are always good,



  8. jinksy says:

    At last! A lady who followed the prompt and wrote a delightful piece I’d have to call ‘The Long And Winding Road Mark 2’ as the Beatles wrote the first one!

    Lol, Jinksy, but I don’t believe there was a turkey in the first one. Thanks for the chuckle,



  9. I enjoyed that! Nice job on that prompt!

    Thanks Madeleine, it started out a bit slow, but then decided to get frisky. I believe you would be familiar with that course of events,



  10. Mr. Walker says:

    Elizabeth, this was fun. Thanks. Your wordplay made me smile, and I liked the connections you made. You really got me with “chicken” and “geek”. “so why am I smiling / at this nonsense” done so well? Because it’s not nonsense. And the first two lines of that last stanza – beautiful!


    Thanks Richard, am so glad you enjoyed. And happy as all get out to see you back after your short hiatus. There is a part of me that seems to believe that poetry should be serious and yes, even profound. But, then there is the North Wisconsin hillbilly who loves to play, laugh, and put the cabosh on such high falutin’ nonsense. We do battle, but no one gets hurt, and sometimes we all end up in the middle grinning at one another like some little kids who can’t contain their secret. Just read your “untitled” piece, and think we might have something in common. Glad you made it through another school year. Poetry helps a great deal, doesn’t it?



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