Within The Poem


NaPoWriMo – final day

Card 112, Gallery 2

 Within The Poem
Our traveler knows, whole point
of Journey is to find, possess, bring
back magic elixir: healing potion,
notion of truth to mend whatever
is bent in ordinary world.

Has only words, but has mixed them
with care and shared them here.
Spilling across pages, filling blank
empty spaces with what she knows,
has honed over several stages of stop
and start heart learning.

Reaches into scarred knapsack hanging
from shoulder, finds first soul song written
long ago. Passes it around and shares with
all who have held her hand, shared their
words, through this far from ordinary
journey. Knows she will see them again,
along other paths, on her soul travels.

All One*

You and I share a soul.
You are the dreamer,
I am the dreamed.
I am the dreamer,
You are the dreamed.

In the dream we dance
our oneness together,
separately. Reach into
one another’s heart fire,
and are not burned.

You hold my soul.
I feel your heartbeat
in the palm of my hand.
You call, I come
to the sound of my own soul

Elizabeth Crawford  4/30/11
All One*, originally published 5/2003

Card 39, Gallery 1

Notes: *The word alone has its beginnings in the old English  All One. The poem was originally published in a small volume of poetry Artery III, in 2003. This month’s poem a day challenge was been both interesting and exciting. I chose to do it in my own fashion, using the Soul Cards for inspiration. I used to use them in my classroom, but had never attempted to do this in depth exploration before. My intention was to create a series of poems that centered around the concept of the Soul Journey. It didn’t feel complete without this original poem in which I first wrote about soul. Thank you for joining me on the adventure. The second image is what I believe all poets look like, and do, when they breath out, express their truth, in whatever fashion they choose.
Soul Cards: both galleries may be viewed by clicking on the images. The Soul Cards were created by Deborah Koff-Chapin, and her site may be found here:   http://www.touchdrawing.com

About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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16 Responses to Within The Poem

  1. jinksy says:

    Your “All One” poem is the pinnacle of this post, for me- dreamer and dreamed, sharing one being. The illustration at the end, with the face transforming the huge white bird of its higher mind to a smaller version to set free into the world set every bell ringing inside me… Smiles galore at recognising no aloneness here!

    Jinksy, sometimes the connections here just plain amaze me. I’m thinking of using my digital images to post on a regular basis, and go looking to repay your visits and find you already doing just that. Love it when that happens. No aloneness here, either,



  2. vivinfrance says:

    A lovely end to the month’s poems. It has been a pleasure to travel your journey with you. You are NOT alone, but we are all one.

    Yes we are, Viv. And I am so grateful for all of that. Thanks for your company along this path. And definitely will be seeing you soon, here or there. The Internet is a magic place,



  3. Wow, I so love “You call, I come to the sound of my own soul, singing.” Amazing how often our responses to the images have been somewhat similar. I never read yours till mine is posted. I especially love the final image, which could not portray my life journey any better. This has been amazing, Elizabeth. The poems have come like I was taking dictation. And today has been nothing short of magic. We are both listening hard to Spirit, right now, and it is showing us the Way. Thanks for beginning this journey and letting me tag along. It has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

    Thank you Sherry and I am so glad to hear that. And yes, it has been amazing in so many ways, full of synchronicity, wonderful words, and inspirational images. Thank you for tagging along, my friend. Told you there were specific rewards for being the companion on such a trip. Am only glad to know how really true that is. Keep trekking, there is more awaiting all of us,



  4. Deep, enigmatic words. Anything with ‘one’ in it has to be an enigma. It can mean a single thing, or all.

    Anthony, I believe that we are often an enigma to our own person: puzzling, sometimes mysterious, and often just plain confusing. Certainly never easy to figure out on a regular basis. When I first decided to do this, my inner voice came back with, “Are you nuts? Thirty days, thirty poems, all about soul awareness?” Now, I am here and this is the final and thirtieth piece, and no one is more amazed than I am at what has taken place on any of those days, or inside the making of any of these poems. One as enigma, yes! Thanks for stopping and for your always well thought out words.



  5. Thanks for taking us on this voyage of discovery – it’s been an enjoyable one, and the quality of work has remained consistent throughout.

    Stan, thank you. I only hope you know you also have a consistency that is deeply needed in our world today,



  6. Ron. says:

    You’re good company, E. Thanks.

    No, Ron, thank you. I think I might be blushing and I haven’t done that in years. But, also grateful that you think so. You are good company as well, even if you plan on sleeping through all of this next year. I will keep my promise,



  7. Tilly Bud says:

    I hope you’re gathering these into a collection.

    Tilly Bud, that would be a definite affirmative. Now all I have to do is find the time and energy. Thanks so much for coming along on this adventure. Your presence and support meant a great deal to its completion.



  8. Yes, all one. Very beautiful! Profound.

    And you my friend, keep drawing those nests. They are absolutely inspiring. Thank you so much for your consistent positive comments,



  9. Mary says:

    Elizabeth, it seems only appropriate that after you have gone full circle on your journey you make your way back ‘home’ to the original soul poem. The end is the beginning. The beginning is the end. Peace to you (and others) as we all journey on.

    Mary, thank you for being the good friend that you are. Funny, but I wasn’t looking at it that way. Just one of my favorite pieces and wanted to share it. But, true to who you are, you nailed it, again. And yes, journeys often do come full circle, as we live through the ever spiraling cycles of our existence. I hope you know that you have been an anchor on this journey, a definite grounding element. Thank you, again,



  10. brenda w says:

    Elizabeth, Tears here. Love and peace to you every day. Your perspective illuminates dark places and I thank you deeply for that.

    Dang it, I meant to bring smiles. Love and peace to you, Brenda. When my candle starts to flicker, I know where I can come. Thank you.



  11. pamelasayers says:

    Elizabeth, I am honored to have come along on your soul journey. Your writing is impeccable and an illumination in my life, thank you my friend.


    Your words mean a great deal to me, Pamela. No one has ever used the word impeccable about my person before, ever. I just hope it warms up enough soon, so I can go fishing. And may have to settle for photo fishing at that. Not a bad compromise, says the North Wisconsin Hillbilly, lol. Thank you for choosing to come along, good friend,



  12. Mr. Walker says:

    I am humbled by what you have done with “only words”. Your journey this month has been truly inspiring, and I know I will have to come back and read more of your work, past and present. “All One” is beautiful. And that last image… I think I have to write a poem. Thank you.

    Ahh, Mr. Walker, you have found the straightest path to this poet’s heart. Hope you share the poem. Thank you for taking the time to come along. And do come back, any time.



  13. Gloria says:

    You are a phenomenal woman and poet, and I’m so glad to have made your acquaintance this month. It has been an honor to share your journey….brilliant and beautiful.

    Gloria, thank you. You honor me and my words. But, phenomenal? Thinking I may have to build a new kudo box. Someone told me today, that she’d send me the instructions. Not a moment too soon.



  14. espriurenee says:

    A beautiful piece and very well written. I see from the inside out and all at once
    the soul is all encompassing and shared. Thank You!

    Thank you and I truly believe that the soul must be shared or it dries and dwindles, sometimes to brittleness,



  15. Kelly says:

    Elizabeth, I am so glad you pointed me to this poem. You’ve so beautifully captured the poet’s journey — that mysterious process of trusting the muse, the intimacy of sharing one’s words, and the beauty of fellow poets holding that sacred space for one another. Bravo!

    Thank you again Kelly. The All One poem is one of my very favorites. I read it aloud during a poetry marathon, right after writing it, and made the statement that I wasn’t sure if it was finished or not. When I finished reading, one man yelled from the back of the room, “Don’t you dare touch it in any way, it doesn’t need a thing. It’s wonderful!” I took his word for it, lol. Am so glad I did.



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