Traveling Hand Maid’s Heartstone

NaPoWriMo – day 27

Card 38, Gallery 1

Traveling Hand Maid’s Heartstone

Spirit bird has shown her
that home may have many

Abode, domicile, dwelling,
habitation, station, residence,
nest, roost, perch, quarters,
housing, a roof over head,

Might be apartment, tenement,
walk-up, chambers, penthouse,
condo, address, location,
accommodations, estate, house
with grounds, surroundings,
and the list goes on.

May be referred to as cottage,
cabin, bungalow, shed, shanty,
bower, hovel, hut, dump, pigsty,
or pen, hearth, chimney corner,
homestead or household.

For some it is family circle, seat
of affections, home sweet home,
place where heart abides, where
one hangs hat, and sometimes
head, or other things.

Can mean shelter, retreat, refuge,
haven, hospice, sanctum, port in
a storm, asylum and bedlam,
or simple place of rest. Hideout
or hideaway, birthplace, sanctuary,
lair, den, cave, even dark burrow
deep beneath the roots of things.

Whether she sings lullaby or lament,
our traveler knows with certain
certainty, no matter where she
travels, she is always home. Whether
wrapped in silence or shouting aloud
with crowds that might surround her,
she is home. Whether striving
or seeking sleep, she knows home
to be her soul, alive within fragile
human skin, right here in present

Elizabeth Crawford  4/27/11

Notes: Yes, a list poem with deep thanks to The Synonym Finder by J.I. Rodale. Aware that this particular leg of the journey will be ending soon, woke up this morning wondering how many different ways one can say home. Only used a small portion, choosing more for sounds and certain rhythms, aren’t you glad?

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11 Responses to Traveling Hand Maid’s Heartstone

  1. vivinfrance says:

    You found an awful lot more than I did, having no thesaurus here. There are so many: and no proper translation of the word into French. It is such an important concept, I wonder why?
    The word home is used in France for an orphanage and the like.

    Viv, found that in the thesaurus as well, along with about three times as many offerings. And yes, it is an important concept, and this was one I certainly enjoyed doing. Thanks for the added info,



  2. Home is where you live – which is not necessarily ‘at home’ – For a traveler, the world is home.

    The world and maybe more, Stan. Thanks for staying with it,



  3. Ron. says:

    Long about the time I was hoping for an end to the synonym fest, you summed this up beautifully.

    Sorry Ron, but it is getting on to the end of things, and ideas are getting a bit thin. Although, I have to admit, this one surprised me and seemed to work well. Thanks for stopping in,



  4. Tilly Bud says:

    Hooray for the thesaurus!

    You betcha, Tilly Bud. When all else fails, it usually sparks new avenues, or old ones that might need revisiting. Thanks for your vote of confidence,



  5. Marianne says:

    Dorothy in her ruby slippers, said it, “There’s no place like home.” This is a grand list poem.

    Thank you Marianne, and Dorothy is a good reference,



  6. Mary says:

    I enjoyed this poem, Elizabeth. It may be a ‘synonymfest,’ but for me it was one which gave me a strong message, one which I needed to think about. It is good to find home inside oneself in the present moment. Interesting to hear Viv’s comment that there is no such word in French.

    Mary, glad you could relate, and yes, I agree, but then we too often take home for granted, maybe the French are more knowing than we are? I can say that, my ancestry is French and a few other things,



  7. I love this write, like so many others…and yet, maybe my very favorite! So wonderful, thoughtful, and so “right there!”

    Annell, am so glad you think so. I liked it because it was a bit like doing a word puzzle.



  8. Yes, we carry home within. Love it, Elizabeth.

    Glad you enjoyed it, my friend. Almost to the end now. I think I’ll miss this,



  9. pamela says:

    Elizabeth, home is where the heart is, as you have clearly stated.


    That it is, Pamela, but home can also be every one of those other things, and can even be found in good friends. Thanks for being one of mine,



  10. Judy Roney says:

    Love this list poem and the meaning. Home is wherever we find ourselves. I like that feeling.

    Thank you Judy. Tried to reciprocate and visit your blog, but blogger doesn’t like me today and won’t let me enter any of the comment sections. Enjoyed your entire post: the photo, construction, and gist of your poem all about time passing. And thanks for your comments,



  11. jinksy says:

    And now is the one home we all share…

    Jinksy, am thinking this present moment couldn’t possibly get any better. But, I’ve been known to be very wrong on occasion, rarely, but it has happened, lol. Thanks for sharing my home and your own,



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