Story of The Spirit Bird

NaPoWriMo – day 26

Card 100, Gallery 2

Story of The Spirit Bird

She remembers, long ago,
first time spirit bird came
to her.

Small diner, on lunch break,
thoughts slow, low and sluggish.
Looked up to see what no one
else could imagine. Golden
eagle perched atop back
of counter seat. Raucous
in its agitation, furiously
fighting chains that bound her.

Woman knew instantly that
she alone had caused imprisonment.
In mind saw herself get up, carefully
walk forward, bowing head in
overdue apology. Cautiously
reaching out to unlock rattling
chains, flashing talons slashing
air all around her.

Freed, eagle paused only long
enough to stab our traveler
with fiercely piercing eyes, then
launched herself through plate
glass window, circling up and out
of sight.

Days later, traveler heard song
for first time. Fully realized
that she had intuitively set
her spirit free to fly, to soar
on ever-widening currents.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/26/11

Notes: True story. I have been using spontaneous imagery for just over thirty years because I believe it is a tremendous tool in what I call Soul Work. The eagle (symbol of spirit) came back many times over the years. Told me her name was Katherine Beatrice. Katherine means pure, while Beatrice means blessed voyager. The song is Solsbury Hill written and sung by Peter Gabriel. Although it was originally published in 1979, the video was made far more recently. The song, its words, helped me fully understand my own imagery experience. I can’t hear it without wanting to move. And the old man can still do his thing. This card seems to encourage the telling of the story.

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13 Responses to Story of The Spirit Bird

  1. vivinfrance says:

    A spell-binding story. Fiercly piercing and thoughts slow, low and sluggish, are such onomatopaeic expressions – lovely


  2. vivinfrance says:

    sorry about spelling – I’m not awake yet!


  3. jinksy says:

    her spirit free to fly, to soar
    on ever-widening currents.

    Think I’ve met those kind of thermals! 🙂

    I know I have. Thanks Jinksy,



  4. She’s getting the bigger picture- widening her horizons.

    Always trying to do just that. Thank you Stan,



  5. Tilly Bud says:

    My favourite yet! A wonderful story and poem.

    And one of my favorite imagery experiences. Thank you Tilly Bud,



  6. Mary says:

    A beautiful poem and fascinating story, Elizabeth. I love the last stanza. You are still soaring!

    Thank you my friend. And yes, I may not move quickly anymore, but there are certainly moments when I know I am flying,



  7. brenda w says:

    Thank you for the Peter Gabriel this morning. What a performance! Joy. Spontaneous imagery works wonders for you, I can see/feel that. May your eagle keep soaring. Boom Boom Boom!

    Brenda, I have always loved music, listening, singing, and playing a rather eclectic variety. But, somehow I missed Pete, in all of that. A young friend introduced me to him, and I was amazed at the poetry the man was setting to music, and he remains one of my very favorites. This song is, as you said, sheer joy. And yes, spontaneous imagery is a definite corner stone of my journey. I used it often in my classroom,



  8. I love that spirit bird! And that is what we want to do, set our spirit free.

    Yes, Annell and so often we have no idea how we ourselves have chained and locked it up. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement,



  9. Oh Elizabeth, I so love this, both poem and story. Wow. I once came face to face with an eagle. It perched on a railing not three feet from where I stood. Amazing.

    I am always amazed at my encounters with birds of prey, such fantastic creatures. And loved what you had to say about this image, I believe we have flown together my friend,



  10. pamela says:

    Captivating poem, Elizabeth. I really enjoyed the story behind it as well. I love Peter Gabriel.


    Pamela, one more thing we hold in common. Really glad you enjoyed,



  11. andy sewina says:

    Wow, your soul work must be a real comfort to you – this is in-depth stuff!!

    Andy, I started using spontaneous imagery just after I turned thirty and had no idea what I was doing. Just knew I was learning a great deal and that it had an essence of truth to it. It was very comforting when I later went to college and found out there was a great deal of basis to my experience. I was keeping very good company, lol. And yes, my soul work is a definite comfort in many ways. Thanks for your comments,



  12. Mr. Walker says:

    I love this one – it really speaks to me. Very powerful and moving. I love that the “stab” is with the eyes and not the talons. And thanks for the link to the Peter Gabriel video. I love his music; I think I have all of his albums, but that was an amazing performance – I enjoyed the connection you made.

    Mr. Walker, I found the video a while back and love it. Love what he does and how he puts his words into actions. The connection wasn’t difficult to make. I was still flying a bit when I heard the song and couldn’t believe that someone had put the experience to music, no less. A joyous celebration of life, movement, and soul awareness. I find a great deal in Gabriel’s music that I connect with. Glad you enjoyed all of it,



  13. lucychili says:

    strange to be close to
    the end of this journey
    feels like home, travelling.
    it will be quiet in may

    Or maybe not. There is always A River of Stones, which is one daily observation. You might be interested in that. Many of the same people. Thanks Lucychili, for participating,



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