Old Truth

NaPoWriMo – day 23

Card 26, Gallery 1


Old Truth

Our traveler meets individuals
every day, who turn away from
light. Not because of choice, but
rather something misaligned
over time and never mended.
Longs to tell them:

Hidden away face only drives
darkness deeper within. Fear
of exposure limits soul’s freedom
to reach for light, or fight for another
way of being.

Shame is not natural flame to human
existence. It is always taught after
birth. Diminishing worth of anything
it touches.

Smothers will to find new path,
chokes desire that would lead
toward unlearning whatever has
been harshly drummed, through
repetition, from outside in.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/23/11

Notes: Based in Native American proverb heard long ago, sorry, but can’t be cited. Paraphrase If you choose to hit a child in the head for bad behavior, you only drive the bad deeper into the child.

Sister is home, tired and recovering.

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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10 Responses to Old Truth

  1. Our words and actions can often be misinterpreted by others, giving us a distorted view about them and causing us to become reluctant to repeat them.

    Stan, I know that somewhere there is a belief that belittling and shame are tools for teaching correct behavior. I’ve worked with too many people who have been harmed by that, and have been myself. I understand and even agree with what you say, but find that “misinterpretation” is sometimes a kind way of saying a need to control and dominate. Thanks for your thought provoking comments,



  2. As I see it, we are so often defined not by ourselves, but others. It can be a bind.
    Nice one.

    I agree Anthony, and it is extremely difficult to change life long habits, one bought into as a young child. Thank you for stopping in,



  3. Irene says:

    I get this Elizabeth. Light! We can not choose darkness.

    Irene, I do believe that some do choose it, but have met many others that seem to lack the ability to see any other way of being. And that always makes me sad, because although they don’t harm others, they do grave damage to themselves in the process. Thanks for joining in the discussion,



  4. Ron. says:

    I work, every day, with people who have experienced shame; most for their entire lives. It’s very difficult to observe its negative effects. Solid Write, E.

    Ron, I have worked in a couple of Women’s Shelters. It is devastating to sit with a young woman who is nursing a badly bruised face and hear her say, “I know he loves me and he didn’t really mean to hurt me.” Thank you for understanding,



  5. jinksy says:

    something misaligned
    over time and never mended

    And healers always long to tell them… 🙂

    Sadly true, and sometimes we keep our mouths shut and that feels even worse. Thank you, Jinksy,



  6. Very interesting thought….repetition and driving deeper…can we use this in a good way? It’s interesting that the body seems to embrace the negative as preference?

    Not sure it is preference, sometimes it is all that is known and has no other experience to which it can be compared. Or the comparison can be so alarming and frightening that it becomes overwhelming. And yes, it can be used in a good way, it can be held up to the light of “What I no longer need or want in my life.” That is a beginning. Thanks Annell,



  7. Mary says:

    You’re right about shame! It is not something born with children, but taught. How to help a child grow up without shame is definitey a worthy goal for a parent, grandparent, or teacher….. I don’t think either of my grandchildren here yet know shame.

    Shame comes in so many shades, shapes and forms. It is hard to avoid althogether. But, a child who has known love and acceptance can deal with it and not have to accept it. You are absolutely right as to the value of not handing shame on to the next generation. A worthy goal in deed, Mary. Thank you,



  8. Wonderful, Elizabeth – so true that shame is imposed on us from the outside. Great take on the image. So happy your sister is home, she will do better each day from now on.

    Thank you Sherry and yes she will.



  9. Mr. Walker says:

    This is a good and important message, well told. I especially like the line about shame not being a “natural flame to human / existence”.

    As a teacher, Mr Walker, I am sure you see the consequences far more than others. Thank you for your understanding,



  10. pamela says:

    Elizabeth, a well written poem about how negativity can harm someone. “natural flame to human / existence”, this is my favourite part, too.


    Thanks Pamela, its mine as well,



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