Sevenling (ever-burning fire)


NaPoWriMo – day20

Card 21, Gallery 1

Sevenling  (ever-burning fire)

Ever burning fire fades, then flares within.
Black ink burns current page, curling edges.
Flames constantly wage struggle to bring light into darkness.

Cooling watery depths hide layers where life abides.
Tides creep in to steal sand from land, one grain at a time.
Flowing rhythms replenish life’s need of nurture, quenching thirst.

Contact births wisps of smoke, soft hissing sound like indrawn breath.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/20/11

Notes: Often, in the past weeks, have come across the form called sevenling, but without a clear explanation. Found one today, here:  Thank you again, Brenda. Still a bit hesitant and would welcome any comments.

Sister was sitting in chair when I arrived today, eating lunch (almost solid food). They were packing her up to move her out of Intensive Care to a nearby room. We did a bit of joking about zipper scars. She has two more on her back, and one on each of her knees. Gives much deeper meaning to a ‘zippered up existence’. Was a bit difficult to leave and go out into raging blizzard. Spring is not winning this round.

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13 Responses to Sevenling (ever-burning fire)

  1. Sounds to me like the battle between confidence and doubt that is fuelled by praise on one hand, and criticism on the other.

    Interesting Stan, and applicable. I was thinking more of the fire in soul that fuels expression, and the water of life that can put out that fire. Both necessary for living fully, dependent on one another, yet, often in opposition. Which only proves that this one can cover lots of territory. Thank you for your thought provoking comments,



  2. andy sewina says:

    I get a strong impression of the passing of time, I quite like your use of this form, although I haven’t quite figured it out for myself yet.

    Andy, time must pass in order to learn balance between these two life elements. You’ll figure it out, I have no doubts on that reality. Thanks for your comments,



  3. Tilly Bud says:

    There is smething wonderfully lyrical about that first stanza. I think the sevenling suits you.

    Thank you Tilly Bud, but will have to wait to see if that holds water, lol.



  4. Ron. says:

    Definitely one of the deeper sevenlings I’ve ever seen. You nailed it, though.

    Thank you Ron. Glad you think so,



  5. Wonderful news about your sister, and I hope she continues to have a speedy recovery. (I have those zippers in both of my knees.) 😉
    This sevenling is magnificent. I am embarrassed to have even posted my feeble attempt after reading your exquisite result. It is perfectly and beautifully done.

    Gloria, comparisons are usually a bit of a trap. Each of our expressions are unique and will reach their own unique audience. I’m glad about my sister and I have two zippers, one on my abdomen and the other on the side of my skull.



  6. Mr. Walker says:

    This is a successful sevenling. I like the fire imagery in the first stanza, notably: “Flames constantly wage struggle to bring light into darkness.” That is beautiful, and in contrast itself to the line before. And then the water imagery in the second stanza, with an image per line, one building on another. And the last line, with the contact of the two – it’s all well written and structured.

    Thank you Mr. Walker, I’ll take your word on that, seriously,



  7. Marianne says:

    Your sevenling is a stunner! Beautiful words and images, great flow. Happy to hear your sister is on the mend. So far, I have a zipper on one knee. I woke up to snow everywhere this morning. What happened to spring???

    Marianne, we even had a few blips in electrical service last night and early this morning. Spring seems far away at the moment. Thank you for your generous words and your thoughts about my sister,



  8. Stunning writing, Elizabeth. Compressed, and saying so much, so profoundly. So well done. I am glad your sister is improving quickly. I hadnt known about back and knee incisions – must be a new process. My aunt had her surgeries back in the day when they opened up the entire chest – she went through it twice and then said No More. Hopefully they have greatly improved the method by now.

    Sherry, thank you for your continued support. From what I have learned, the techniques have been greatly improved and streamlined. Thank goodness for that,



  9. pamela says:

    Elizabeth, you have made this form your own, beautifully done. I happy to hear about your sister, that is good news. As for the snow, good heavens what happen to spring?


    Pamela, am thinking spring went south, and I don’t blame her. Thanks for your encouragement, it is very important to me,



  10. Irene says:

    Great representation of fire and water and smoke, Elizabeth.

    Irene, thanks for your kind words,



  11. brenda w says:

    You worked a miracle with this sevenling, Elizabeth. It is a beautiful description of experience. I took four words from this piece for Sunday’s wordle. 🙂 I’m glad you gave the form a try. I think I’ll try it again before the month is over. It gets something going…

    Thank you Brenda. The “miracle” will go in the kudo box (the really special one). And thank you for honoring my words. You are correct, the form gets you thinking in other ways,



  12. jinksy says:

    I too had to find an explanation for this unusual form when I first saw it. It seems to me you have captured the essence of it to perfection with your words, which beg to be read aloud to truly appreciate their poetry.

    That’s a hell of a compliment, Jinksy. Thank you very much,



  13. lucychili says:

    yes the edges of things are interesting and intense

    Lucychili, contact between the outer and inner realms creates those ah-hah moments. They always feel like a bit of magic. Thanks for your comments,



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