Point of View


For NaPoWriMo – day 18
And Brenda W’s Sunday Wordles – phrase, silver, scars, inept, forever, perfume, message, flattery, sprouting, crescendo, crude, and recounts.

Card 33, Gallery 1

Point of View

There are still some days
when she feels inept,
without exception. Not
capable of raising even
crude phrase from silver
fog sprouting around her.

Spends untold moments
recounting scars from past,
running fingertips over
rough ridges forever
winding through landscape
lacking any flattery.

Old message that never
changes, refuses rearranging,
while encouraging perfume
of failure, only ending in
crescendo of defeat.

That’s when she remembers
words of quiet nun, “When
heavy memories of past
capture you in present,
holding you captive, move.
Even if only to turn head. It
will alter your point of view,
allow you to get beyond it.”

So, she moves, proving to
herself that she still can.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/18/11

Notes: A Catholic nun actually did give me this advice, many years ago. I didn’t put much store in it, until one day, seemingly stuck in a stream of depressive type memories, I heard her soft voice and did what she said. It worked. Changing your physical point of view, changes the course of the pattern.

I would like to thank Brenda W for her Sunday Wordle. I hit the mid-way point doldrums until I found her twelve words, and used all of them.

Request: My younger sister goes in for open heart surgery at 7:00 this morning. If you pray, please do so. If you light candles, start a fire. If you believe in the flow of positive energies, send them in this direction. I am an unbiased believer, firmly convinced that any help offered holds substance. Thank you.

Soul Cards: both galleries may be viewed by clicking on the image. The Soul Cards were created by Deborah Koff-Chapin, and her site may be found here:  http://www.touchdrawing.com/

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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12 Responses to Point of View

  1. Elizabeth, here it is 11 p.m. and I got up to check online. Cant figure out what time it was where you are when you posted this. But yes, all good energies are heading your way. All will be well, all will be well, all will be exceedingly well………may it be so.

    Your poem is beautiful and I love the nun’s advice. It is true, just looking somewhere else, moving about, taking a walk, gazing at the sky……it all helps, doesnt it? I love the “silver fog sprouting around her”. Cool! “So she moves, proving to herself that she still can.” You wise wanderer, you!

    When I saw the image the first words that came to me were: for so long, she had only half a heart. So that is likely where I will begin……..I am going to miss this journey when it ends. But then, another one will begin, of that I have no doubt.

    Thank you Sherry for the positive thoughts and energies. And thanks also for the wise, but some of the credit must go to Brenda and her choice of words. They were extremely helpful to this suddenly gone blank mind of mine. And personally, althouth I know that all things end, I am with you about the end of this particular journey. It is rather fascinating to me.



  2. Those ‘heavy memories of past’ can be forgotton in a heartbeat if you can bring yourself to change your perspective…
    My positive thoughts are directed towards your sister…

    Stan, that is how I came to teach a class titled “Changing the End of the Story.” It was a very interesting experience. Thanks much for your positive thoughts.



  3. vivinfrance says:

    First the poem: there is so much truth here, I shall want to come back and re-read and re-read. I totally agree with the nun’s advice – I’ve been practising it all my life. Regrets are something we can do without.

    Your sister: I hope all goes well, and my prayers are with you and her and also with a close friend who goes in for surgery today.

    Viv, glad you like it and agree. Thanks so much for the prayers and am sending same to your close friend,



  4. earlybird says:

    Very thought-provoking poem. Good advice.

    A tsunami of positive energy heading towards your sister.

    Earlybird, it’s often the direct and simple stuff that gets overlooked. Thanks for the tsunami, I’ll let her know, lol.



  5. Dear Elizabeth. This morning it is 6:00, I wonder what time it is there. Went outside to try to catch the last morning star, but no luck. Instead the moon is full and beautifully golden on the horizon. I had planned to wish upon a star, but instead I am wishing upon that big old moon, and I am thinking that moon is also shinning down upon your sister and you. Comforting, loving and all that I wish for you both. So in that sacred place I will hold for your sister, I place the image of that moon. My all be well, as it will be, even when it’s not, it is. And all the while the big golden disk will chine over you both, you walk in beauty.

    I love your piece. A true nugget of wisdom! Just move your head.

    Sometimes Annell, that is all it takes to break the connection with those thought patterns. Thank you much for your care and concern, much appreciated,



  6. Mary says:

    Elizabeth, prayers for your sister this morning. Hope all will be well for her with the surgery today.

    Good poem. I do think there is GREAT truth to the idea of just moving, if only one’s head, to change one’s perspective. D used to say also, just open the drapes and let the light in.

    Mary, thank you for your prayers. And D is right. Opening the drapes can be a wonderful gift to a dark depressed corner,



  7. Marianne says:

    Sending positive thoughts for your sister.

    A magnificent poem. I tried using those same wordle words and failed miserably. How extraordinary that the nun’s words came back when you needed them. Did you ever tell her?

    Marianne, she was the spiritual mentor to a group I belonged to. Years later, almost twenty, as a matter of fact, she called the bookstore I managed and ordered a book. When it came in, I delivered it to her personally and we had dinner together and I told her how much all of her quiet, very down to earth wisdom had helped me through the years. Thanks for the positive thoughts,



  8. pamela says:

    Elizabeth, I am sending positive thoughts toward your sister. The poem is beautifully written with the wordle words. Funny how we remember someone’s advice, when we are feeling less than capable.


    Better yet, Pamela, is how when we are doing what we choose to do because it is right for us, how so many other things just seem to fall into place. Thanks so much for the postive thoughts,



  9. gospelwriter says:

    Excellent advice from that nun. Thinking of your sister… and you, Elizabeth.

    When I spent time with her, I tried very hard to just suck up the energy of calm quiet peace that emanated from her. I sincerely wished that I could be her when I grew up (I was thirty, at the time). There are moments now, when I feel I get close to what I sensed in her and am deeply grateful. Thanks for your thoughts, Ruth,



  10. Gloria says:

    Wonderful poem and wonderful advice the nun gave you….this is an excellent work. Depression can be immobilizing, but if you can move, you really can turn the corner toward a brighter day.
    I hope all is well with your sister. I have added my prayers to the others.

    Gloria, thank you for your prayers and your comments. So far, sister is doing well. And yes, I am very familiar with that immobolizing energy.



  11. Tilly Bud says:

    One of your best so far, I think. We all have days like that but I never heard that advice before. I suppose taking the dogs out for a walk, as I do, amounts to the same thing.

    Tilly Bud, my physical disabilities don’t allow for that, but I would strongly agree that a walk would accomplish that and more. It gets fresh air in the lungs, and pumps the blood more freely to the brain. Both things are necessary to change a mind set. Thanks for your positive input here,



  12. Brenda says:

    Elizabeth, Thank you for the mention. This is a beautiful peace. All the positive healing energy I can muster is heading your way. Love and Light. Love and Light.

    Thank you Brenda, you have been a help in so many ways.



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