Poems Alive In Bones


For NaPoWriMo – day 13

Card 116, Gallery 2

Also For We Write Poems prompt: Almost A Poem

Poems Alive In Bones

Sometimes as she walks,
rhythms of her footsteps
become open door to
meditative state. Today,
she is thinking about

How, after decomposition
of all that is temporary, what
is left is just bones. Having
lost even a name, nothing
remains to distinguish this
individual from another.

Yet, there are times when
she knows that she knows
truth of a thing in very bones
of her being. And that truth,
written or not, is marrow
of existence.

Wonders if years from now,
boiled down, her bones might
become soup of nurture for some
weary traveler. Digested, truth
she knows that she knows so
deeply, will strengthen his bones,
become staff on which to lean,
bringing about genuine conviction.

Or perhaps, from whatever stew
might be cooked, truth, like
fragrance traveling on air, might
create hunger followed, swallowed
to build other bones to be buried,
boiled down to bare essence,
bringing to life once again,
its essential flavor.

She smiles at thought that her
bones of deepest truth might
one day become poem, slipping
naturally from lips of a far-future

Elizabeth Crawford  4/13/11

Notes: Whimsical image created after reading Neil Reid’s poem, don’t call me poet, in which he writes, poem sits some while inside the bones.  Neil’s poem can be found here: http://bearlyaudible.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/dont-call-me-poet/    That set me thinking about poems living in bones, and how that essence might be transferred to future generations. Thank you, Neil.

Soul Cards: both galleries may be viewed by clicking on the image. They were created by Deborah Koff-Chapin, and her site may be found here:  http://www.touchdrawing.com/

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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16 Responses to Poems Alive In Bones

  1. Tilly Bud says:

    That’s a lovely last stanza.

    Thank you Tilly Bud, I’m glad I finally found it,



  2. If the bones hold what is not temporary, it could well be the case.

    Stan, have you ever heard of body memories? Things experienced in long ago years, felt again and actually leaving physical signs of their presence. If our cells hold memories, why not our bones? But, I also believe that truth is an energy, moving on the air around us. When we breathe those truths out, in our words, they might travel much further than we imagine, perhaps never dying at all? Thanks for the comment,



  3. vivinfrance says:

    A macabre idea, but a comforting one – the thought that one’s earthly remains could be useful to someone,and even more so, might result in a poem.

    This is a dreamer’s fantasy, Viv, and I find comfort in it as well. Thanks for the macabre, I sort of like it, lol,



  4. Ron. says:

    Truth stew. What a concept.

    Lol, so do I. Thank you, Ron,



  5. brenda w says:

    Mmmmm, mmmm One should always carry a spoon and a pen— I love the second to the last stanza. So glad you’re sharing this journey.

    Lol, Brenda. Does that mean you’ll be carrying a spoon, the next time you visit? No journey is complete without at least one weird sort of tangent. Thanks for coming along,



  6. I am left speechless….

    My bones wanna reach out….

    finding dreams for you

    Thank you Gautami, you are always welcome. Keep reaching, I love what you do,



  7. Brilliant! I loved, “And that truth,//written or not, is marrow//of existence.” And it just keeps getting better ’til the final stanza which is glorious!

    Thank you Gloria, so very glad you enjoyed it, and that line about the marrow of existence, is one of my favorites as well.



  8. andy sewina says:

    It’s all in the bones!

    Wonderful concept!!

    Andy, the bones are basic to the structure. Without them we couldn’t stand for anything. Glad you liked it,



  9. Wow, Elizabeth – this is uncanny. Since I dont let myself read yours till I write my own, it is amazing to read “she knows that she knows truth of a thing in very bones of her spirit”. I wrote about someone within knowing more than traveler does…….you know, that sense of wonder when truths come out one didnt know she knew, but obviously DOES in some deeper part of her?

    Very cool, this journey. When I first saw this card I thought Uh-oh, this one isnt going to come easily. But once again, as I started typing, it all just arrived. I loved yesterday’s card and poem best – a morning song.

    I love your poem today – “like fragrance traveling on air”……and “her bones of deepest truth”. Awesome!

    Your enthusiasm tickles me Sherry, deeply. I kept ignoring this card and finally decided that’s the best reason in the world to tackle it. I’m glad that I did. And yes, I noticed the similar wavelength we seem to be on, each in our own fashion. Love it and hugs to you, my fellow companion,



  10. margo roby says:

    The line you cite from Neil’s poem is my favourite line. And, the idea of bones and bonehunting is niggling in the back of my brain…it’s going to be one of those poems that stews for weeks before it appears in some workable form. I’m glad I found your poem! Now I have another bone to work on.

    Lol, Margo, maybe it just needs to be boiled for a few more hours. Let that fragrance seep into all of your senses. Then let me know what happens. Thanks for stopping and for your comments,



  11. b_y says:

    I like this. It’s got a little swing to its step. Funny, I did a bone poem the other day. I like yours better.

    Now that is a deeply felt compliment and will get a special place in the kudo box. But, first rule has always been, “No comparisons.” I deeply enjoy my visits to your site. Know I will learn something of worth and value. Thank you for these generous words,



  12. pamela says:

    Elizabeth, Love this poem, certainly does make one think.
    “truth, like
    fragrance traveling on air,”
    now, that is pretty.


    Pamela, my sense of the world of energies, constantly flowing, moving, and evolving in the process. Glad you liked it,



  13. Mary says:

    The message for me, Elizabeth, whether or not it was your intent, is that what is contained in the bones lives on, passes on, in one form or another. Bones of truth live on and on.

    And once again, Mary, you nailed it. That was my intent and thank you for seeing and hearing it,



  14. Irene says:

    Elizabeth, amazing how bones remain. Permanence in bones of poetry? Maybe we’ve all caught onto this idea.

    Irene, hope you are absolutely correct. Thanks,



  15. I’ve long had a fascination with bones…and have felt something so true and unshakable in my bones. You’ve given one of my sincere hopes a voice and a substance…and I suspect a lot of other poets feel the same way.


    Thank you Nicole. I have arthritis in most of my joints, so bones ‘speak’ to me constantly. And have taught me some very unique lessons in the process. I am truly glad you found substance and value in the poem.



  16. Mike Patrick says:

    This is an echo from the past, which never occurred to me. It’s great. Now I may have to write a poem about a dinosaur.

    Thanks Mike, glad you found a dinosaur, that should make for some interesting stew. Will you share?



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