Internal Dialogue


For NaPoWriMo – day 7

Card 32, Gallery 1


Internal Dialogue

Where are we going?

                                                  I don’t know.

Do you know when
we will get there?


Ahh, does that mean
we, umm, you are lost?

                                                  No. I once read in a book,
                                                  these words of a wise man:
                                                  By doing, I learn what to do
                                                  By going, I learn where to go.*

Okay, I guess, but
what are we doing?

                                                   Learning to walk in this present
                                                   moment. Finding the grace
                                                   therein. Isn’t that sufficient?

Yeah, I guess, but
do we have a plan?

                                                   That same man said,
                                                   We make it up as we 
go along.*

That’s sort of scary,
don’t you think? I
mean, shouldn’t we
have a destination?

                                                  We do, and we will know it
                                                  when we get there.

But, how will we
know it?

                                                   Do you remember that
                                                   moment when we first
                                                   saw one another?

Of course, we both
knew that we knew
that each was the Other
I Am.**

                                                  And how did we know that?

Because our soul found
joy in that recognition?


So, we are finding our
soul in present moments,
by learning how to let it
guide us?


And our destination
is right here, in this
moment. By creating
the moment, we learn
how, and what, to create.
We make it up as we go.

                                                  You’ve got it.

Who is this wise man?
What is his name?

                                                    His name is Odd.
                                                    Odd Thomas.

Can feel you smiling,
I’m so glad I’m with you.

                                                     As I am with you.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/7/11

*Odd Thomas in Odd Hours
Dean Koontz

**Song of Myself
___ Walt Whitman

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14 Responses to Internal Dialogue

  1. Amazing what we can learn by talking to ourselves.

    Thanks Stan and I agree. I keep a daily journal (first thing I do each morning), and that is a dialogue that has been going on for over thirty years. It is amazing when you allow yourself to see just what it is you are saying, lol.



  2. vivinfrance says:

    Elizabeth, your internal dialogue is superb (I prefer dialogue to talking to myself). A keeper.

    Viv, after all these years of personal writing, it only seems natural to me. Thanks for the keeper, I will put it in the kudo box,



  3. andy sewina says:

    If the third sign of madness is writing it down, then the forth sign must be commenting on it!
    Loved this from start to finish!

    Andy, I think the writing is where the madness turns into good common sense therapy. My journal is my best friend. Glad you enjoyed it,



  4. Ron. says:

    It’s nice that your selves have so many good answers, such good guides to draw upon. We should all be so lucky, and wise enough to heed them. salute.

    Thanks for the salute, it will go to the kudo box. I personally think it’s all the reading and constant writing that I do. Helps to make contact with other ideas, but gives you a place to argue and wrestle with them as well. Thanks for stopping by,



  5. Irene says:

    I’m glad to have listened in, Elizabeth, because it rings true. We really do make it up as we go along. So happy we’re doing this poem-a-day thing.

    So am I Irene. Am so glad I chose to do them with the Soul Cards. They seem to dive deep and find treasures, each time and each day. Glad you enjoyed,



  6. Tilly Bud says:

    I like experimental poetry. Good one.

    Is that what it is? I’ve been doing these self-talk pieces for a long time. I find them fascinating because I can actually hear the two voices involved. Personal writing does that to a person. Thanks for your comments,



  7. Susannah says:

    Wonderful Elizabeth. 🙂

    (I am reading along on your nanpowrimo journey. x)

    Appreciate knowing that Susannah, and thanks for the wonderful,



  8. brenda w says:

    I’ve heard of “Odd Thomas” before, and it sparked my interest. It’s a done deal, now. I’ll be heading to my local book store later. I love the buddhist feel to this piece. Thanks again, Elizabeth. Your pieces are inspired/inspiring! ~Brenda

    Brenda, hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. Odd Thomas often makes me think of Buddhism as well. That and a great deal more. I’ve been waiting for someone to challenge me for putting Dean Koontz and Walt Whitman in the same space together. I am eclectic, at the very least,



  9. earlybird says:

    A wonderfully soothing dialogue. I enjoyed eavesdropping.

    Thank you for doing so, Early Bird. Poetry is where I work it out, this constant talking to myself, allowing me to see the words and their meanings.



  10. I so love this! Fantastic writing – the way it looks on the page is terrific, as is reading it. It makes me think of that Buddhist saying “Traveler, there is no path. The Way IS the path.”

    I love this one, Elizabeth!!!!!! Way cool.

    Am so glad you do, Sherry. I love where you took the image as well. The Soul Cards are a seemingly direct route to knowing, remembering, and to the Soul at the center of it all,



  11. pamela says:

    Elizabeth, I like how you presented this in dialogue form. How often do we talk to ourselves, sometimes never receiving an answer.


    Foolish, isn’t it Pamela? That automatic turn-off to listening is always a surprise to me. I think it says a great deal about the individual and how he/she truly feels about self and soul.



  12. Gloria says:

    I absolutely love this! I think it’s genius! I will definitely be looking for more of your work to enjoy. 🙂

    Welcome Gloria and I am grateful you feel that way.



  13. Mary says:

    One can learn so much, I think, from having a dialogue with self. There are so many facets of self, and this kind of writing is one way of exploring what one really believes. I especially like the idea of knowing the destination when one gets there! Nicely expressed, Elizabeth. Unique write.

    Mary, I do these a lot. And you are so right, there is a great deal to be gained from such an exercise. I sometimes think that knowing the destination can spoil the getting there. Turns into waiting and filling minutes, rather than living in the moment. Thanks for all of your comments, and be well, my friend.



  14. Sherry Marr says:

    I LOVE this poem/dialogue SO MUCH! Smiling at Odd Thomas. LOL.


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