Finding Strength


For NaPoWriMo – Day 3

Card #67, Gallery 1


Finding Strength

Some nights our traveler might sleep
‘neath a tree, cradled by roots which
curve gently round. Like strong
loving arms of long ago Mother, she
misses right now.

At first, sleeps only lightly, startled
awake at every sound, even a leaf
falling to ground. Fearing wild things
that creep close to see, just what kind
of creature, this new creature might be.

Somehow knowing without knowing
how, wild things are of kind, in some
way her own. With bit of patience might
even be honed, into stalwart guides,
companions who could choose to abide.

With one hand holding freshly penned
notes, the other curves gently at quieted
breast. Smiling softly she speaks,
“Come join me, my friends, together
we will continue, will finish this quest.”

Elizabeth Crawford  4/3/11

Notes: This one gave me fits, until I remembered what Natalie Goldberg once wrote. She tells us if we truly want to write, we must first dig a very deep hole, then climb down in it, and call all the wild creatures to join us. Thank you, Natalie.

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11 Responses to Finding Strength

  1. Whatever the journey, it’s always best shared with friends.

    Have to agree Stan, especially when those friends are pieces of self,



  2. Tilly Bud says:

    They say we have only six life-long friends. Sounds like she’s one of them.

    Thank you Tilly Bud, she definitely is that and a whole lot more.



  3. Ron. says:

    There is no firmer existance than life amid the roots and wild things. Rest assured.

    Solid write, E.

    I certainly agree Ron, especially when speaking of soul and psyche. There is so much to be learned from nature, even our own.



  4. Nice to be able to see the quest in another way. Nice image of sleeping beneath the tree, in the roots curved round.

    Thank you Annell. I did warn, at the beginning, that this is a Soul Journey. If we don’t make friends with ourselves, we will definitely know much loneliness.



  5. brenda w says:

    The hole you dug facilitated a beautiful, heartfelt piece full of nature’s rich imagery. Love the roots and tree…lush.

    Brenda, this one didn’t come easy and I am far from satisfied with it. Good thing I think of these as rough drafts, only. Will learn as I go. Thanks for stopping in,



  6. Hmmmm…….I thought I put a comment here at one a.m. I must be senile:) I so loved this poem, Elizabeth and your interpretation of the image. I love the wild creatures creeping near to see what kind of creature this new creature might be. LOVE it! When I saw the image, my poem came fully-formed. Evidently, this is the exact right time to be doing this journey.

    Oh, Sherry, I feel a great deal the same. The poem kept trying to slide away, and I decided to go with ‘rough draft’ after too much struggling. But, then I go look at yours and it is so smooth and so uniquely you. Love that you have come alongside for this particular journey. Your enthusiasm alone is priceless. Thank you my friend,



  7. pamela says:

    Elizabeth, it is all about the journey, and with good friends it makes it much easier. A lovely piece of writing. As for what Natalie said, I find that I am digging deeper into myself to write, there seems to be a certain freedom in it. I am lovin’ what you are doing with those cards.


    Thank you Pamela, I am liking the whole experience as I find my way into it. It truly is a journey and digging inward is always necessary in any journey. Got scared with this one, but worked out most of it. There is always tomorrow. I started out thinking it would be easier with the cards, but finding that I must stretch and reach further to honor them. There will be more ups and downs, I am sure, as the days go by.



  8. wayne says:

    nice journey with your words…thanks for sharing

    Thank you Wayne, it has been interesting.



  9. I have spent more time this year with my lovely friends in nature. Wild, wondrous ones. Love how you wrote to the image on the card. So beautiful! THANK YOU!

    Your Welcome, Julie. Sometimes I think the animals have more to say than people. My inner world is populated with them. And the soul cards certainly take the journey inward. Thanks for your generous words,



  10. andy sewina says:

    Looks like you’ve spent some time in that deep hole!
    Nicely worded!!


  11. Mary says:

    We all have the wild within us, Elizabeth! You know as well as anyone they are nothing to fear.

    True, Mary, for the most part. I’ve met a few, however, that took some amount of time and understanding before being fully comfortable. And, I’m the first one to admit, that meeting my own inner child was terrifying. She was pissed and had every right to be. Thanks for being here,



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