About Guardian Angels


For We Write Poems poetry prompt:  Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels?

Yes, more than one,
all come to guide,
protect and encourage.

Yakky red tulip who spoke
of sturdy singular life,
and the colors of beginnings.

Siberian tiger named for lesson
he came to teach, and often
speaks in riddles.

Loner, black wolf beckoning
from edge of dark forbidding forest,
yet stayed for want of friendship.

Jacobina, mountain lion
with knowledge of how to obtain
those hard supplies.

Quiet swift owl swooping toward
descending stairway,  to reveal Kodiak bear
that resides in imagination’s basement.

So many more, mythic creatures,
dragons large and small, black panther,
golden eagle, fisher and fawn,

all drawn to help one lone child
to learn how to be the best human being
she could ever dream of becoming.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/1/11

Process Notes: Guardian angels are paracletes, those who are called to come alongside to guide and to teach. All the creatures in this poem are pieces and parts of my Personal Mythology. They each have a name, a definitive purpose, and a story to tell. They came, like guardian angels, when I needed them and they helped me parent my inner child, who is the source of all imagination.

About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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11 Responses to About Guardian Angels

  1. Wonderfully done you know them all, you know their names. What a rich, wonderful world you live in. All is well, so much has changed. New everthing, everywhere. Almost don’t know my Home.
    6 million now. Third largest city in US. A little overwhelming. People afraid to go outside of their houses.

    Thank you Annell, and glad to hear from you. It might be a bit overwhelming, but I’m sure there is also a bit of excitement for you as well. It’s sad when people are afraid of their environment, it says way too much about the society we have unwittingly created. Be careful, have fun, and want to hear all about it when you return,



  2. Mary says:

    Elizabeth, I like the way that you looked at this prompt. You are indeed right. There are so many different natural guardian angels for each child (of any age) along the way….. One can always learn so much from the angels that do not speak!

    Thanks Mary. My angels have messages and they make them clear in their own fashion and time. And you are so right, about the natural angels for each child at any age. Glad you liked the response, I liked yours as well. It made me remember that little story and I do indentify with that one on so many levels.



  3. I love the take you took with this poem. This made me think of totems, and how we draw such human qualities from each animal. The raven, I think, has been looking over my shoulder because I am so much like her. Excellent.


    Yes, totems, but something more than that as well. These particular animals have each a distinct personality, some clearly reminded me of people I knew that had left deep impressions on me. The raven is a shape shifter and that bodes well for individuals who invite change into their existence. She is also deeply related to the Shamanic tradition and I see glimpses of that in your poetry. Thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts.



  4. pamela says:

    Elizabeth, your guardian angels have served you well, my friend.
    This is just scrumptious.


    Ah Pamela, I don’t think anyone has ever used that word to define my poetry before. I love it and thank you for writing it here. And yes, they have served me well and continue to do so,



  5. A child with imagination to bring out the mysterious. Enjoyed them all, but maybe wouldn’t want to meet them in the dark!

    Marian, each one tested me a bit, before settling down. Because they are pieces and parts of my own personality and come through my own imagination, there was seldom an element of fear about them. Actually, I was much more frightened to meet my inner child face to face, then these creatures. She was very angry and had every right to be so. We both lived through it. Thanks for your thoughtful comments,



  6. Irene says:

    A personal mythology is a great idea, Elizabeth. I like the one that speaks in riddles.I like the idea that there are spiritual guides.

    Irene, my Personal Mythology came about spontaneously, without a lot of conscious awareness on my part. I have helped some of my students to begin such creative endeavors, but have no idea if they have taken them beyond that point. One has to trust ones own person to go that direction, and most individuals don’t do that. For me, spiritual guides are very real and present. Glad you enjoyed this take on the prompt,



  7. Mike Patrick says:

    Peace, strength, speed, power, wisdom: all available when needed, to one who listens.

    Thank you Mike, you broke them down quite well. I first saw them on a very personal level, but then realized there was a great deal of myth attached to each one, therefore a depth of symbolism that should and could be mined for even deeper meaning. If that is listening, I certainly did, lol.



  8. There are angels every where. We just don’t see them. You show them here…

    angel of shadows

    Gautami, thanks for your wonderful words. We often fail to see the angel we ourselves can be. You are one of mine and I am so grateful for that,



  9. RJ Clarken says:

    I love the idea of having one’s own mythology. What a fascinating study – and to know that each one takes the responsibility for different aspects of your life makes for a very warm, caring feeling.

    Oh RJ, you have found my secret, the very reason I stayed engaged in what others (and myself) thought was utter foolishness and perhaps madness. They filled what had been a very cold and lonely place for far too long a time. The Yakky Red Tulip is my public persona, the tiger my inner guru (C.G. Jung), the black wolf is the Guardian of my mind. And each one revealed a bit more and my inner house became full in a way I could never have dreamed possible. Thank you for your understanding,



  10. I love all of these creatures, especially the black wolf, of course:) Beautifully written, Elizabeth. I, too, depend on my spirit guides, more and more as I get older.

    Thank you Sherry, while I can be grateful that I found them at all.



  11. That was lovely! Thanks!

    Glad you enjoyed Madeleine and thanks for stopping by,



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