Loving To Live


For We Write Poems prompt  Love

Note: Am trying different poetic forms. This is called a Blitz poem. It is structured in 50 lines of short verses with repeats. The ending lines are dictated by words from specific prior lines, as is the title. To learn more about this poetic form you can go here:


Loving To Live

What is Love
What is Loving
Loving is living
Loving is giving
Giving of self
Giving a gift
Gift of love
Gift of self
Self alone
Self with other
Other self
Other life
Life well-lived
Life fulfilled
Fulfilled life
Fulfilled soul
Soul with hole
Soul of spirit
Spirit soars
Spirit speaks
Speaks of love
Speaks of living
Living free
Living together
Together again
Together forever
Forever never comes
Forever comes too soon
Soon is now
Soon is over
Over easy
Over done
Done is done
Done by one
One is alone
One breath
Breath breathed in
Breath of air
Air born
Air fresh as Spring
Spring is green
Spring will come
Come alone
Come together
Together we love
Together we live
Live together
Live with love

Elizabeth Crawford  12/7/10

About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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9 Responses to Loving To Live

  1. I like this structure. Will try to write one…

    Thanks Gautami, I like it as well. It works like stream of consciouness writing, goes fast, but isn’t difficult to stay on subject. You can easily go back and change what doesn’t fit and find other avenues to explore. But, because it is 50 lines, it’s a good idea to number the lines first. It’s very easy to just keep going and not find an ending. And I like the idea that the poem itself gives you the last lines as well as the title. It’s fun and that may be the most important part.

    Elizabethdestined wanderings


  2. Diane T says:

    I like this structure,too. So many words and ideas!

    Yes, Diane, that’s why I tried it and really like it. The first time out it feels a bit out of control, but it isn’t. I went back in and changed a few things, but it wasn’t a headache or frustrating to do so. Thanks for taking a look,



  3. I put my comment in the wrong place. I wanted you to know, I felt love though out the poem. I would describe it as tender, my favorite word. Love you poem.

    Hi Annell. It wrote itself so fast that I wasn’t sure I could trust it, lol. But, I do like the structure and the fact that it provides a very wide base to work from. This one could certainly be used as an example of what “following the words” actually means. Thanks for commenting,



  4. pamela says:

    Elizabeth so much truth in this. Wonderful blitz poem.

    Thank you Pamela, I really enjoyed doing it. It is like watching a flurry of wings, each one with its own statement of fact, but absolutely necessary for the whole thing to lift off and be air born.



  5. Mary says:

    Well crafted blitz poem. Interesting to see where the word Love took you. I wrote a blitz poem once..once enjoyed the process. It feels like stream of consciousness poetry, and I don’t think when one starts to write one is ever sure where one will end up!

    Mary, that’s pretty much how I feel every time I sit to write. No more than vague thoughts, a sense of something, and I never know quite where it will go or end up. Thanks for stopping by and reading,



  6. Yes, this poem was an interesting journey to follow.

    Thanks Flying Monkey. It was an interesting journey to take as well. Do like to try new and different things on occasion. And am thinking there is a definite space that this poetic form can fill.



  7. wayne says:

    nicely wirtten and thanks for sharing your LOVELY words

    Thank you Wayne, glad that you appreciated it.



  8. neil reid says:

    Interesting format Elizabeth. It makes for a strong energy, at least here it does. Is it inherent in the form I’m wondering. And I like the way meanings drift and reflect, like lights going on and off. (Makes me want to experiment with something of like ilk, see how images might likewise dance through the poem, through the relationships. Thanks.)

    A swift arrow of a poem. Lots of tangential potential energy. Good illustration! ~neil

    Hi Neil, I do think that some of the energy is inherent to
    the structure itself. But, have also noticed that it would be easy to get hung up in the repeats, and end up in a circular path that never strays from its course. That means a deliberate revisiting after the writing. Changing words, changes the course and that is also exciting.

    Really like your idea of lights blinking on and off and can see it and hear it within the structure itself. Think this is more of an idea structure than, say, a narrative one, or a distilled moment. It’s definitely a dance with the words themselves and fun to do. Hope you try it,



  9. I have never had the pleasure of reading a blitz poem, and this one flowed rather well. Nice job.


    Hello Nicole. glad you liked it. I am somewhat enamored of them (blitz poems) at the moment. They seemingly spill out, but are still well contained. They offer a wide range for exploring and pouring out ideas.



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