Self-Talk Matters II


PAD Challenge #29  For Poetic Asides

For today’s prompt, write a next steps poem.

Self-Talk Matters  II

“What are we doing?”

                    I don’t know.

“Where are we going?”

                    Don’t know that either.

“What do you know?”

                    Some things.

“Well, like what things?”

                    Like, we must stay open to whatever comes.
Making plans, is like taking a stand. Closing
windows and doors, locking out other

“Okay. So, what do we do meanwhile?
You know? While we are waiting to see
whatever is coming?”

                    We do the task which that moment
asks, whatever it is. Put all these poems
together, wash dishes, read a book,
cook some spaghetti.


                    Yes, spaghetti, if that suits your fancy. We
fill this moment with noodles and sauce,
because, that is the task we choose, for this
moment. And we do it to the best of our
ability, then move on to the next, and the one
after that.

“But, but, what about tomorrow, and the one
after that? Don’t we need to know where we are
going? What is our final destination?”

Kind of takes your breath away,
doesn’t it?

“Umm, yes, it does that. But, wait…”

                    You must see that all journeys end
at that one. Making plans can swiftly
become a circuitous route in avoiding
all doubt about that destination.

“I think I might be hyperventilating.”

                    Just breathe deeply, in and out, let
doubt slide away. We are okay in
this moment. We’ll cook, read,
maybe make a book, whatever. But,
we will be ready for whatever comes,
as we live inside each moment.

“Oh, damn! You’ve gone back to that
‘flying by the seat of your pants’ thing,
haven’t you?”

                    No. I never left it. 

Elizabeth Crawford  11/29/10                    

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4 Responses to Self-Talk Matters II

  1. I read your poem at the Poetic Aside, you are right, it does work better here. Love this self-talk, thanks for allowing me to overhear your very private conversation. Mine goes pretty much that way too. Love your steps. And it’s my guess your always have and you always will. Bravo!

    Annell, lol, making self-talk into poems, sort of makes it legitimate, a step removed from the craziness, most people are likely to define it as. This one was a pleasant and needed surprise. And I love it because it came out of nowhere and sort of plopped itself down and said, “Okay, just push the button.” So, I did. Flying by the seat of my pants is a habit I wear, often and even well at times (wink, wink).



  2. pamela says:

    I love “flying by the seat of your pants”, I haven’t heard that expression in ages.
    This very well executed to the prompt.

    Thank you Pamela. I’ve been ‘flying’ most of my life. But, it’s good to have someone know what it actually means. I’ve had to explain it, and it’s one of those, “you should have been there” phrases. Guess its time to find a new one. Execution might not be the correct word, more like dictation, fast and furious, lol.



  3. vivinfrance says:

    “Like, we must stay open to whatever comes.
    Making plans, is like taking a stand. Closing
    windows and doors, locking out other

    Your next steps poem has to be one of your very best. A keeper and definitely publishable.

    That’s very high praise, Viv. I thank you deeply, and appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement,



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