PAD Challenge #26  For Poetic Asides

For today’s prompt, write an “on the run” poem. You can decide who or what is on the run and what might be causing them to run.


Hear old song, Running
Against The Wind.*
voices, “You’re making wrong
choices, not good for you.
You will get hurt.

Want to blurt, “So, I should stop
because others feel sinking sensation,
downward vibration, into a darkness
never understood, yet forever feared?”

While I feel only clear exhilaration,
wind kissing my face, eyes tearing
at freedom and space, movement
of truth seeps through veins, breaking
reins that have always bound me.

Want to ask, “Why are we here, what
is our purpose? If living is not for
giving, for reaching out a hand, to make
a stand, create a difference? Then what
is living all about? Waiting for death
to steal last breath, after never
living at all?”

Yes, I could get hurt. Already happened.
Only to learn that hurting makes me
stronger. While others sit in darkened
corners, hording moments never spent,
unaware of fire dying, bent on buying
time that only continues flying forward.

Those knowing voices make a wind
that I must keep running against with
careless risk, hearing the tisk, tisk,
tisking of their whispering. See their
shaking heads, the dread they only wish
would fill my being.

Find sadness in their unknowing need,
refusing to give life, light into a darkness
that now, always surrounds them.

Elizabeth Crawford 11/26/10

*Against The Wind by Bob Seeger

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2 Responses to Running

  1. Mary says:

    Ah, “Against the Wind” was always a song that resonated with me. I used to play it over and over and over. It spoke to me then. It still does. I used to think hurting made me stronger, but now…hurting beats me down. Maybe when one is young and has a lot of time, it is different. Right now, with not all that many years ahead of me, it isn’t as easy to reclaim the strength. In your poem you asked why are we here, what is our purpose. I used to contemplate these questions a lot. Right now it is putting one foot ahead of another and hoping I am heading in the right direction. LOL. At this age one is supposed to be a ‘sage.’ Ha!! Anyway, just commenting on a few things that struck me in re. to your poem, as I contiue to follow your journey while taking my own journey.

    Mary, I know what you mean. But, I also believe that the originating source of that energy changes as we grow older. We soften, learn how to bend, as well as accept, and those are the things that strengthen us. I think I personally, will go right on contemplating those questions for the rest of my existence. The answers have changed as time has unfolded, and I would be wrong to assume they will not do that again. But, that is contemplation and I’m far more willing to spend time doing that now, than ever before. I also think that I bring far more to the table now. As, I believe, you do as well. You certainly bring it here. Thank you for that,



  2. Running, interesting things you say about life, living, and giving. Asking questions, finding answers, continuing — it’s all good. I’ve missed reading your words for the past few days. Hope you had a good holiday!

    Annell, had a holiday, lots of people, food, desserts, children, pets, and other things. Tired and glad to be back here with just my and other’s words to deal with. I truly do believe that life is about carelessly risking to give whatever one has to offer. In doing so, we find whatever possibilities of what we are becoming. Thanks for your words and for coming home,



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