This Wing Waltz We Do


PAD Challenge #25  For Poetic Asides

For today’s prompt, write an animal poem. Your poem can mention an animal in its title or somewhere in the body of the poem. The animal doesn’t have to be the main focus of the poem, but your poem should mention an animal somewhere in it.

This Wing Waltz We Do

When we are together,
my heart often soars,
like the hawks we used
to stalk, trying to get
pictures. Our hearts
were pure with innocence,
but we never got more
than small black dots
against various blue skies.
Blurred fury of wings,
or distant dark silhouettes,
perched in trees, or on other
things, but we were happy.

Mellowed now, we still cling
to those memories. Keep
that ring of past images
within easy reach, each
of us comforted in knowing
the other breathes, certain
ease, a balm which calms
in strident moments. Darkness
may enfold us, as it must,
thrust its blurring wings
to scatter our dust, it doesn’t
matter. We will always share
that incomparable knowledge
that we stand, alive,

Elizabeth Crawford  11/25/10

Process Notes: The story is true, we used to spend hours seeking hawks to photograph, but never really getting more than those blurred wings or black dots. The other half of the we in this poem (this series of poems), was the individual who originally introduced me to the hawks, who still populate my existence. She recently stepped out in her backyard and took the photo below, then immediately shared it with me, and we talked for hours. Hawks are symbolic spiritual messengers moving between earth and the heavens. Their symbolic message is to “remember who we really are.”

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4 Responses to This Wing Waltz We Do

  1. Mary says:

    Elizabeth, what a beautiful hawk photo you shared!!

    I understand the wish to photograph birds. We used go go on various walks in order to see different birds, but we had cameras in hand and wanted to photograph them. Sometimes it is not as easy to photograph them as to see them. We would periodically discuss whether seeing them or photogrphing them was most important. I do think photographing them was. When one photographs one PROVES that one has seen.

    I also understand the ‘dots’ against the ‘various skies.’ I have so many such photographs.

    Have you ever gone to Horicon Marsh in fall? That is a phenomenal place…to see firsthand the geese migration!

    Mary, for a long time, I don’t think people believed me when I told them of my many encounters with animals, but especially the ones with hawks. That may have been one of the reasons we tried to photograph for so long. This pic however contains so much more than a simple pic of a wild bird. I think it speaks a great deal to our relationship, itself. And yes, have been to Horicon many times, but not recently, that place intrigues me.

    Thanks for stopping and commenting. Hope your day went well. Ours did, and now we are back home moaning and groaning about how much food we ate. As if someone forced us to do just that, lol.



  2. Mary says:

    I do understand that this photo speaks to your relationship. It is an animal that had special meaning to both of you, and you both sought it out in the past and still do today. The photo truly is amazingly beautiful, a gift. The hawk is looking right AT the photographer and anyone who views it on this blog. It is one of the best hawk photos I’ve seen.

    Mary, I certainly agree with you. I always look at pics with hawks and large birds in them. They fascinate and intrigue me. But this one is different because of what you said, there is a connection between the wild creature and the viewer, a very unusual experience. Thanks for your comments,



  3. I love the hawk. Yesterday, we stopped at a rest park and while having lunch, a tiny sparrow hawk flew into the tree above us as we were having lunch. Such a blessed moment! My day is complete when I see a hawk. The views from my studio, are skies and I look up and I always seek them. You never know?

    Annell, thanks for sharing your moment of knowing. That’s what the hawks have always meant for me, since she introduced me to them, taught me to really see what is all around us. I gave her a place to be, she gave me the gift of seeing. And we continue giving both to one another, and those who are around us. Not a bad exchange.



  4. This is all so incredibly beautiful, Elizabeth. Incredibly, I only found this message now as my email program sent it to a wrong location. I am tidying, and came across this. Such a feast, of words and photo. I so love the last lines in your poem. Wonderful!

    Glad you like it. I come back occasionally, just to look at the photo. I find it so breathtaking, somehow. Thanks for finding it, Sherry,



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