Shared Breathing Space


PAD Challenge #24 For Poetic Asides

For today’s prompt, write a spaces poem.

Shared Breathing Space

How does one measure distance
in miles and smiles shared over
years of lived existence?

We are. This is what it is,
and all that matters is breathing
space between us.

What we share can’t be compared,
can not be shared with any other,
and nothing alive can smother it.

We have certainly tried to untie
this bond that holds us side by side,
even through deepest silence.

Never worked, and slightest jerk
of tether, would forever bring us
back together.

You take in air, I breathe it out. There
is no doubt we shall continue, for whatever
time we have between us.

No one else will understand. You exist
because I breathe, will never leave as long
as that need persists between us.

Share a soul without a tear or hole. Tested
over time, find shared wholeness only when
we stand and breathe, together.

Elizabeth Crawford  11/24/10

About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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5 Responses to Shared Breathing Space

  1. Mary says:

    Elizabeth, I continue with you on your journey. I have a question. Are you as important to this person as she is to you? Does she feel the connection as strongly?

    Powerful writing, as always! Takes my breath away.

    Mary, really powerful question. And I would have to say yes, and no. Yes, there is a part of her as connected to me as I am to her. After ten years of silence, she called me one day and we spoke as if there were no distance between us, or ever had been. And the no is hard to explain. I’ll do that in an email, if that is okay. Thank you for reading and for asking,



  2. pamela says:

    A gorgeous piece and that last stanza is just beautiful.

    Thank you Pamela, this was not an easy poem to write, on many levels. But, it ‘fit’ here so it got written. And I’m glad it did. Thanks for the gorgeous, that goes in the kudo box.



  3. vivinfrance says:

    On many levels, this poem spoke volumes to me.

    Thank you Viv, I am so pleased that it did.



  4. Yes, I found the idea of the soul without a hole. Thus, = a whole soul. I want to do some thinking about the soul. That mysterious thing, perhaps that we know so little about, have never seen….what is it really. Does it exist? An old question….do we just say soul, because we don’t know what else to say? And are soul and breath interchangeable? This is where I want my thoughts to be. And red shoes.

    Beautiful write as always!

    Annell, I have long thought, read, and written about soul. My thoughts on the matter probably differ, but are an accumulation of all of those things, as well as my own experience. For me, the soul is the no man’s land that stands between heart and mind, the mediator for lack of a better term. And yes, I believe that it is breath, inspired by every one we inhale, and expressed in each exhalation. Darn it! I’m finding my own personal philosophy in this comments section. See, what you do, just by breathing?



  5. cocoknight1 says:

    Wow! A Poem I could’ve/should’ve written on my own, though I doubt I would have said it all so well!!! How deep and true this work is to what “Real Love”, “True Love” is, and should be! Well said, well written, and (for me) so easily felt, and shared, for the commonality between us in the meanings of every word! I rarely connect so truly to writing that is not my own (no offense, and not to sound egotistical) but with this piece, again, it’s as if I had written it through your hands! LOL In my opinion, a truly great work! Kudos and Props, Elizabeth!

    Hello Elron, hope you are enjoying California living. Your comments gave me a mixed response. On one hand, they sound a bit like possession, and yet seem also to be complimentary. But then, possession would seem to begin because the other person has some commodity one only wishes one might own. See what I mean? Confusing. Thanks for liking the poem, I think.



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