Sorting This From That


PAD Challenge #16  For Poetic Asides (two for Tuesday)

1. Write a stacking poem. The poem could be about stacking objects. Or it could be about stacking ideas, stacking the deck, stacking the odds against something happening, etc.

2. Write an unstacking poem. Just the opposite of the first prompt. Unstack objects or tear down the obstacles stacked in your way, etc.

Sorting This From That

There was a time when I made
a commitment, heart and soul,
to do whatever I could do. Have
done that.

Gave you a home, when you had
none, a place where your face smiled,
and knew certain permanence. Listened
to your pain, breathed it in, made it my
own. Lived each moment as though
there were no others, thought to teach
how to see another way of knowing.
Alone, my voice could call you from
whatever darkness held you in its grasp.
Simple key to unclasp lock that bound
you. Would softly say you name,
and you would come, emerging slowly
from those shadows.

Now, all of that is done, long behind
us. You left home we created, built
another, and kept long silence.

Am no longer certain of place,
or space, in which I stand. You
reach hand, then swiftly withdraw
it, as you recede further into darkness,
I can not enter. My center has moved,
while I choose to live, you wish to die.
My voice now, only an echo that catches
your ear, still hear it, but all too soon
forgotten, as you drift farther away
each day, yet still want to play this game,
where things remain the same, when they
never can be. Where I am home, left alone
holding pieces of heart and soul, and only
pain owned, is mine.

Elizabeth Crawford  11/16/10

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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3 Responses to Sorting This From That

  1. Mary says:

    Elizabeth, I think every person must realize, as I know you know, they can do only so much for a person; and beyond that that person’s fate is in his/her own hands. It must be so hard to care so deeply and realize that the other person really does not wish to live. A truly powerless feeling.

    Thank you Mary, for understanding. I have not wanted to write these poems, have not entered this place with eagerness, because I knew that at some point, I would have to face off with that very real powerlessness. Not a place anyone would seek willingly. But, denial and running away does not find resolution. So, here I am, doing the only thing I know how to do, and it is time. That is all I know,



  2. Elizabeth, another beautiful heart felt piece. I sit at my sister’s in the low lit room, we share your beautiful words, in awe. Thank you again.

    Thank you Annell. For reading and for sharing. That image brings me comfort somehow. Thank your sister as well. I got back late this afternoon, but did see my newest granddaughter. There is a balance to be found in all things.



  3. pamela says:

    I see building a life for someone and them not wanting or caring if they live.
    This is truly heartfelt.

    Pamela, I think the most difficult part is that I understand that desire. Life is never easy, and sometimes it is downright unkind, but we go on breathing, even hoping. Thank you for your kind words and understanding,



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