Looking For The Words


PAD Challenge #6 for Poetic Asides

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Looking for (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, use the new phrase as the title of your poem, and then, write the poem.

Looking For The Words

Am but a follower. Learned,
long ago, that words have own
purpose, and will take me
to that place I need to go.

Show me the way, charted
by some inner compass, buried
in a darkness, I can only brail
my way through. Somehow,

words recognize faces of all
tender places that hide there,
deep in shadows. Wearing bruises
from over-using, band-aids

slapped in place, yet never tended.
Only mended in the moment,
never healed. Some infected,
still weeping, oozing wounds

ignored in rush to brush aside
hurt that lurks just beneath
thin surface of fragile skin,
broken in fight to live a life

worth living. Giving more
than was asked, but never
enough to satisfy. These are not
places I want to be. But, must

trust the words to find their own
path, so that, when we finally
arrive, we will still be alive, still

Elizabeth Crawford  11/6/10

About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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8 Responses to Looking For The Words

  1. Yes, still breathing! Yeah! We’re still here, still time to heal. Wonderful use of words!

    Lol, I can see you clapping, Annell. Hope you are enjoying the challenge as much as I am. It’s so much better knowing that I am not doing this alone. The support and encouragement are pricelss. Thanks again,



  2. In the “after shock”, I was afraid to go out. I would be lost. My sister, said, make a list, I went to three places, and magic happened at every place, the last was a book store, I wandered to the back of the store, letting “…..” lead me, I reached high on a shelf, and picked a book. The Signing Creek Where the Willows Grow, about Opal Whiteley. It was the magic I needed. And because of the list, I found my way home, although I was often lost, on familiar streets at that time. Healing is slow, but one day, we will look and find we are healed, though scars will remain. It happens…..

    Oh, yes it does. These poems are healing just in the writing. And I understand that lost thing, did it for quite a while in the aftershock. Sometimes had to just stop the car, pull over, and try to remember how to get wherever it was I was going. I had lost the words and that was more than frightening. Thanks for understanding, and for all your support Annell,



  3. vivinfrance says:

    I’ve just read through all your PAD poems here – so much easier than ploughing through that great wodge that arrives on the Poetic Asides page minutes after the prompt!

    That said, they weren’t an easy read: you are going deeper and deeper into yourself, and the poems are becoming more complex by the day. I understand the therapeutic effect for you, but you are also turning out some fantastic writing. Keep at it.

    Thank you Viv, I know they aren’t an easy read, but believe it or not, they weren’t agony to write. It was time, and they came and all I did was follow them. I have also been easy on myself, not demanding much beyond the daily poems, a bit of coloring, and quiet time to watch tv or read. I like the patterns I find in the poems and the words. There is much release to be found at the depths. Thanks Viv,



  4. That is very surprising to me, that you thought you lost your words. I not only lost my way, but lost all sense of math. No one can say, how long it will take. It just takes as long as it takes. I am so glad of the place you are. I know it has taken a lot of hard work. But you are being rewarded with your words and I feel rewarded as I read your words!

    Annell, I lost more than the words, I lost something even more primary to my person. I lost the music. Couldn’t listen to it without breaking down for almost three years. And when it came back it was never quite the same again. Someone asked me the other night, if I still sing. I told her the truth, only very softly and mostly when I am alone. I can no longer find the melody with any confidence, it used to come automatically. Life leaves scars, as well as other things. Now, I sing, mostly on paper. Thank you so much for your ongoing support, it means a great deal,



  5. pamela says:

    Finding the right words sometimes seems to be the hardest part to living.
    I am so enjoying your words through PAD. Especially when I have the time to read and not feel rushed.

    And I am so enjoying your words, both the ones from the challenge and these that you leave here. It is so good to know one has been heard. Thank you so much for taking this time to read and comment,



  6. Diane T says:

    Elizabeth, I like the words just below the fragile skin. Words certainly worth cherishing.

    Thank you Diane. I like them as well. And tomorrow there will be more for both of us. I find that something to look forward to, get out of bed for, and yes, even cherish,




  7. Mary says:

    I do think the words DO find their own path, as I commented (sort of) on another one of your sites. You just have to be open to going where they want to take you, trust the words. Often one is not ready to do this, but when it happens it is a blessing. I’m pretty much doing the same thing. Not censoring. Not worrying what other people think. Not worrying about being judged. I follow the words. I agree with Viv about going through the poetry on Poetic Asides. I just don’t feel like doing it there. I’m more of a blog commenter, more personal. Not an exhibitionist who wants to see how many poems I can comment on there. I am more ‘wordy’ here than I planned. I agree with Viv that you are doing some wonderful writing for PAD. I’ll check back daily.

    Thank you Mary. I find it hard to read at the PA site. All the words seem to bleed together after only a short time. And like you, I prefer to go to separate blogs, read the piece that is offered and then move on to another page. It is far more personal and I feel far more connected, not just to the words, but to the author as well. That is why your and other’s comments mean so much to me. I really do prefer that personal touch and appreciate it a great deal. You my friend, are a staunch supporter and deserve the same,



  8. Mary says:

    Elizabeth, I agree. Far more personal to speak to a person in his/her blog. If I speak on Poetic Asides I feel like I am making a public display of myself, and I am not about that. Chances are if someone would perchance speak to me in PAD I won’t even see it, as I don’t keep checking back. Too ponderous.

    Mary, everyday after I post there, I try to do a little bit of reading, but like I said, the words start to bleed together and I quit. So, I have to agree, if someone there does say something, I would more than likely miss it altogether. And it’s such a huge crowd of people. Many of them fine poets, but I do what I can and what seems reasonable to and for me. Thanks for responding,



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