Moment of Being


PAD Challenge #5  for Poetic Asides

For today’s prompt, write a metamorphosis poem. This is an excellent opportunity to use metaphors and/or show changes in a season, person, animal, plant, or whatever.

Moment of Being

Didn’t have a plan
when I was seventeen.
World was green, like
well-oiled machine,
always spilling possibilities.
Only thing I wanted
was to stay open, be there
in that moment and then,
keep moving forward,
toward next, and the one
after that.

Now, sixty-four,
looking back on open,
narrowed path of choices
made, right there, in moment
of their making. Always
taking, yet giving back,
with one hand or another.
Having only to trust
it would all work toward best
in this process of being,
whatever I am still

Elizabeth Crawford  11/5/10

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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2 Responses to Moment of Being

  1. Very beautiful and gentle. I like it! That’s the best, we are still becoming. Hey, we aren’t done yet.

    Oh, hell no, lol. Still moving, albeit slowly, but breathing. Did write another poem in the series that seems to be developing here and plan on posting it, this evening. Won’t post it at the PAD site, but want to keep them together, for now. Thanks for stopping,



  2. pamela says:

    We should never stop giving. It is what life is all about.
    A fantastic poem.

    To give of self, for no other reason than because we can, is careless risking. A very wise man once said that that is the reason for our existence. I believe that is true. Thanks again, Pamela,



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