Long Parting

1. Write a “ready to start” poem. Yesterday’s poem closed the door or turned the page on the past events. Time to start looking forward.
2.Write a “not ready” poem, or even “never ready” poem. Sometimes, we’re just not ready for the things that come our way.


Long Parting

Didn’t quite close the door, yesterday.
Hoping that you wouldn’t notice,
or maybe that you would? You did.
Walked right through of course,
forcing me to choose, as usual. Not
sure why we do this dance that pits

us, one against the other. We were
never lovers, only ever friends. Yet,
love extended stretches out to fill

the years between us. Your fears,
or mine? And time keeps moving
forward, like water soothing stone

smoothing whatever protrusions
might arise. Wearing them away,
to empty nothingness. You are

water to my stone. Once told me,
I was home, then left me there
alone, and I will never know

the reason. Left in a huff then,
and now again yesterday, when I said
I wanted to finish what I’d started.

And I did. This long parting wears
at heart, like stone receiving water,
wave on wave breaking against surface.

But this time, with a purpose. Now,
at least I know what it is I must
let go, must leave behind.

Elizabeth Crawford 11/2/10

About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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5 Responses to Long Parting

  1. I am always touched by the depth of your writing. Like a song with a lyric that remains in the back of my mind, I find myself humming long after the book is closed. I hope you know just how beautiful your work is! Thank you.

    Annell, strange you should say it just that way. Watched the movie Crazy Heartwith Jeff Bridges last night. About three quarters of the way through, they played the opening lines of an old Don Williams song, “If I needed you, would you come to me, would you come to me, to ease my pain.” I started bawling. And knew that although I didn’t know what the prompt would be for today, it would use something of that meaning in the song. It did. Afterward, I had to go track down the song, and was still humming it this morning when I sat to write the poem. Thank you,



  2. Mary says:

    I will enjoy tracking down your PAD work each day. Some days (like today) I do not have time to do it justice, but I wil do it and revise later. Referencing your poem, yes, sometimes those doors are hard to close…or one holds the door almost closed, but not quite. Many emotions are evidenced in those closing of doors. One is not always sure one wants to, even when one knows one should. Your last verse is a strong one. It is good to know what one should leave behind….must leave behind!

    Thank you Mary for taking time from your busy schedule to read and comment. And you are right, sometimes those doors hold more emotions than anything else, and are difficult to close. We do the best that we can and that is all we can do,



  3. pamela says:

    How true this is. It is so hard to close a door when our emotions are in the way.

    Pamela, it’s also hard if you think you have closed them and then find them opened again, for one reason or another. Hope you are enjoying the challenge, I’m still a bit nervous about it. Feel very much the beginner again. Am sure that will ease with a few more under my belt, lol. Thanks for stopping and commenting,



  4. Diane T says:

    Two references to Crazy Heart! I’ve just got to see that movie! Definitely a beautiful poem Elizabeth, though poignant. I feel your pain.

    Diane, and that Don Williams song is still playing through my head. Think it might be the theme song for what may very well turn into a series of poems. Thanks for stopping and commenting,



  5. Diane T says:

    It IS hard to close the door when emotions are in the way.

    Diane, but we still have to find some layer, or level of peace and balance. For me, that has ever been poetry. Happy PAD challenge, and thanks for visiting,



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