Visitors From A Sequence Dream


For Big Tent Poetry prompt:  Drawing Home

It was my intent to follow the prompt, but when I tried to do the drawing, half of my home kept falling off the paper. After numerous tries, I realized that maybe it was best to quit and not even do the prompt. Then woke up this morning with the edges of a sequence dream still lingering in my mind. I’m fairly certain it was the result of my attempt to draw my ‘home’ , because these individuals wouldn’t come to my one bedroom apartment, and I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed about this apartment before. I usually dream of the many other homes I have lived in, until the last three years since moving here.  This will be my last response to a BPT prompt for a while. I intend to take part in the poem a day for the month of November challenge, being offered at Poetic Asides, and will be back again after that.

Visitors From A Sequence Dream 

Pope came for a visit
in full Pope regalia.
Just walked through the door
of my first floor apartment,
kicked off his real leather sandals,
pulled those heavy white robes
up over skinny knees and sat like me,
cross-legged on opposite end of the couch.
Didn’t say anything about how
long it’s been, and then the Pope
asked me for one of my smokes
and I handed them over with the lighter.
I mean, you don’t say no to the Pope,
now do you? We talked, laughed, kibitzed,
and cried at the absurdity of folks
who quibble over words of The Law,
and never find its Spirit.

The dream changed and two women
came to once again ask  for ‘their’ money.
Seems they both felt cheated
from back when I was still a teacher.
One because I had audacity to disagree
with something she said, so she fled, felt ‘unsafe’
in my classroom. And the other, still holding
a grudge over something I said that she
didn’t follow or agree with. Sadly
shook my head, told them to look
around and if they found their money,
they were welcome to it. Instead,
they turned to vapor, disappearing
into non-existent woodwork.

Rolled over to sleep again, found
myself staring deep into dark eyes
of my favorite author, becoming
instantly speechless. His smile
was shy as he thanked me for reading,
then apologized for never responding
to my letter. Thought it was better
to get out of bed, clear my head
of this non-stop list of strange visitors,
while wondering if it might be smart
to start moving that bed by tomorrow.

 Elizabeth Crawford  10/29/10

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16 Responses to Visitors From A Sequence Dream

  1. pamela says:

    I love this. I also, have the strangest dreams at times. I have recurring dreams.
    And this reminded me of one them. It is about a house with secret rooms and then at the end of the dream I realize the rooms never existed. I am always disappointed in the dream. I wonder what that means. Maybe I should write a poem about it. 😉

    Pamela, I have always been interested in dreams and this one was so clear and remained that way even after I had been up for while. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense to anyone else, but it certainly made some sense to me, about me, and how I see home.

    PS Next time you have it, try to write down as much of it as you can remember. And your feelings are very important.


  2. I love your dream and how well you were able to recall it, to write it all out. Lovely Pope in red, sitting on the end of the sofa, smoking all the smokes. And then the two women, and your author. All make a wonderful story, and nice images. Thanks for your write.

    Annell, thanks for your kind words. I see a great deal in the dream. The first visitor was about my spiritual belief system. The second about my growth in handling guilt trips, and the third is about my own writing. The whole dream is about where we find home, and that is always within ourselves.



  3. Cara Holman says:

    Elizabeth– fascinating dreams, and how wonderful that you remembered them well enough to capture them in a poem. It flows so smoothly. I intend to do the Poetic Asides PAD challenge as well, so I’ll see you there!

    Cara, I dithered around about PAD challenge, but decided it was really what I wanted to do. And the poem was so clear, it was the only thing that came to mind when I sat to write this morning. It made sense to me after trying to draw my home, because I believe it is about where I find my true sense of home.



  4. Rashmi says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Wonderful dreams.How well you have written about them.You have pictured all of them beautifully.
    Just love your poem……..

    Thank you Rashmi, I was a bit concerned that no one would understand the poem, because dreams are such personal things, but found I needed to write it. It is the one sure way to retain the dream material which may come clear only slowly and over time.



  5. and cried at the absurdity of folks
    who quibble over words of The Law,
    and never find its Spirit.

    This is so right on. I loved the whimsy and dream-logic of this poem that all came together so well.


    Victoria, that first verse was the easiest one to write and I understood it clearly. The other parts were not so simple or easy and I will probably not fully comprehend them for a while, but putting them down in this fashion works for me. I love working with dreams and unraveling their messages. Thanks for stopping and commenting,



  6. Tumblewords says:

    I’m impressed by your ability to write your dream with such flair! Terrific read.

    Thank you Tumblewords, I often find that if I write down the dreams, many details come back clearly in the process of finding words to express the experience. Dreams can be a great deal of work, or just plain fun to play around with.



  7. derrick2 says:

    I rarely seem able to recall dreams with anything like the detail you have managed. A chat and a smoke with the Pope; what more could anyone want?!

    Derrick, this was an in-between dream, not awake, but not completely sleeping either. Awakening, perhaps? That’s one of the reasons it was easily recalled. And finding one’s self in bed (metaphorically speaking) with one’s favorite author, although definitely second to having a smoke and chat with the Pope is pretty wild as well, lol. It’s the middle part of the sequence that really interests me and the part I feel a need to explore more thoroughly.

    I think one of the reasons I often recall my dreams is because I want to understand them and often do write them down. Not all of them of course, but the ones that jump out at me, certainly. And this one was leaping and dancing long after I was fully awake. Thanks for reading and commenting,



  8. Victoria says:

    Good that you followed your intuition and let the dream lead you. the smoke and chat with the pope over rules and spirit especially touches and delights me.

    Victoria, although I have not attended Church for many years, that was the part of the dream that made the most sense to me, and the part that was most easily understood. Two imperfect human beings, breaking the rules, and discussing why sometimes the rules need to be broken, because there is always the Spirit that must be acknowledged in all things. If we forget that, we are in big trouble, because without it there is no real or true balance. Glad you enjoyed and I enjoyed your comments,



  9. Irene says:

    It’s a really engrossing read Elizabeth. It is strange that the Pope smokes. But cool somehow. It came out eerie in the end. It’s surreal and drenched with the ickiness of the subconscious.

    Ahh Irene, and that may be what makes all the difference. I don’t find the subconscious icky. Sometimes unreasonable, even a bit painful, but overall very informative and willing to share. I agree that it was cool, as a human representative of the Divine, that one act would break down any and all barriers, and it did. I recognized and knew that even in the dream. It was ‘right’, if you know what I mean. Thanks for reading and especially for the comments,



  10. Laurie Kolp says:

    From pope to memories of teaching to favorite author…sounds like a dream from my subconscious, as I can relate to all three! I love your creative take on this prompt…especially the ending. See you at PAD in a few!


    Laurie, thank you much for that. I was afraid that few would even understand it. These are the three worlds I inhabit, make my home in. The worlds of the spirit, emotions, and that of words. And I look forward to seeing you there as well,



  11. Mary says:

    I enjoyed this poem, Elizabeth, and it seems so important. The section about the Pope reminded me of an earlier poem of mine where I wrote about Mother Theresa taking on New York! It is good to humanize Icons sometime. I agree about people oftentimes being caught up in the law, never finding its spirit. I wonder who your favorite author is — the dark-eyed one who didn’t respond to your letter!

    Thank you Mary for seeing that importance. In my intro notes, I wrote about how my drawing kept falling off the page of paper. The dream seemed to express some of the reasons why. Although I reside within this small apartment, I live in other worlds of existence: the world of the spirit, that of emotions, and also the one of words.

    Dreams use symbolism to express themselves. So, just as the Pope in my dream represents a much wider and larger reality, so does my favorite author. He represents that entire world of words, all of my writing and reading. But, each sequence of the dream, also holds a clear reference to my current reality. That’s what makes dreams so very intriguing and interesting to me. I truly believe that some dreams are definite messages. This one certainly is that and I am glad I wrote the poem and won’t forget it. There is a great deal of significance to me personally in the material and I look forward to exploring and unraveling it,



  12. vivinfrance says:

    Elizabeth, a charming poem on so many levels: on the surface an amusing account of the kind of dream so many of us have; then the meaning you have attributed in your comments to the various stages of the dream – I am incapable of understanding my own subconscious with your clarity – and finally, how all this relates to thoughts of Home. I’m glad you remembered it all.

    Viv, I’ve been doing dream work for a long time. It’s main significance is always to the dreamer, which is why I wasn’t sure about putting the poem up. But, dreams are just another part of the ongoing dialogue we engage in with our own person. All the things, objects, people, relate back to the dreamer. His/her sense of how the world works and his/her place within that world. We miss a lot of that when consciously awake because we are dealing with the everyday things that always arise and just keep coming. Dreams are often a reflection of that reality in symbolic terms. They are metaphors in the making. If we ignore them, we miss a great deal of that ongoing conversation. Thanks for your thoughts and comments,



  13. nan says:

    Interesting dreams and the poem is as circuitous as the twisting and turning of the dreams themselves. I guess the poem had to end as you decided to get up out of bed. Well done.

    Nan, I don’t often turn my dreams into poems, but when I do, I get caught up in the dream material itself, then work through the meanings after the writing. It’s just the process itself. Thanks for visiting and commenting,



  14. Deb says:

    Following your own instincts is the right way to write. Loved how the narrator and the Pope chitchatted over smokes!

    Enjoy the PAD challenge and hope to read you in December!

    Thanks Deb, and yes following instincts is the only way. Glad you enjoyed the poem and look forward to the challenge and seeing you again,



  15. Jingle says:

    keep writing,
    you did well.

    Thank you Jingle, I do try,



  16. shanegenziuk says:

    A great read. I went through it a few times actually, there is a lot here. Might need to come back to it at some stage.

    Thanks Shane, my feelings exactly! Too much material and not enough, all at the same time. Lol, it happens,



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