For We Write Poems prompt: Crossroads


Greek goddess of three faces
never looks back to past
which brought her here
to crossroads. Perhaps because,
like all of us, she carries it
always with her.

Forever carved in stone
looking to right, left, forward,
yet unmoving, poised always
as though to make choices,
but making none.

Perch for birds and what
they leave, constant listener
to pleas of curious drifters, who
ask, “Which way should I go?”

How would she, could she know?

Veiled in long gone centuries,
beginnings hidden in obscurity,
definition, like slight of hand,
depending on mind of men who
created her legacy. Always looking
this way or that, unmoved by winds
that touch her face, leave no trace
of passing.

Deep sadness carves her expression,
perhaps due to chains of remaining
here at intersection, without specified
direction, always waiting, wanting
to know which way she should,
or could go.

Some name her witch in other
traditions. Were she one
of that kind, would she not
whirl herself into that passing
wind, leaving nothing behind
except echo of cackling glee
to be set free, and how many years
would need to pass for such
a burdened soul to finally
find satisfaction?

Or would she immediately know
that it makes no difference
which way she goes?

ELizabeth Crawford  10/20/10

Note to any interested readers: Procedure done, and two stents were successfully put into place.

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ https://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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7 Responses to Hecate

  1. Mary says:

    Hurrah for successful procedure and back home! Breathing a sigh of relief here, and so surprised to ‘see’ you so soon!

    Elizabeth, there is SO much in this poem. (Well done!) It makes me want to read about Hecate, who I really don’t remember much about from former readings of mythology. From your poem, I feel sorry for Hecate (or people in her position) – on the crossroads, unable to go anywhere, stuck in her one spot…and yet others ask HER which way to go. I agree, Hecate could not be a witch. Otherwise she would go somewhere, anywhere, with the wind. Whooooosh!

    Thanks Mary and you have to know I’m grinning over the whoooosh! I will probably be a bit slow today, not because of the procedure, but from the exhausting emotional and mental war that proceeded it. I feel a bit like Hecate today, a little worse for the age element, but happy to have that one behind me. That whoooosh sounds very good at the moment as long as I can take my bed along with me, LOL. Hecate is an interesting character, especially the manner in which she has been portrayed over the centuries.



  2. gospelwriter says:

    Does she make no choices? or is “no choices” itself a choice? I liked the penultimate stanza particularly, and the final. I expect she would know… It seems to me that knowing it makes no difference is the ultimate freedom.

    Glad the procedure is done, and successfully!

    Thanks Ruth, I’m not one for doing any amount of pharmacueticals, but once they gave me the prep Benadryl, I kept thinking “what was I so worried about?” Lol. The aftermath, lying flat on my back was awful, but managed. I slept well last night, but certainly am feeling some effects today.

    Interesting questions you pose. My questions always seemed to revolve around whether or not that fate was decided for her to bring all the questions to a stop. Other traditions give her a much more active role in life and in living. Many of which also make her a far more dark entity. I like mythology so simply enjoyed the research I did and all the questions it allowed to come to the surface.



  3. pamela says:

    First of all, I did not know you were in the hospital. I am so glad that you are home and doing better. I love this poem and my favourite part is:
    “how many years
    would need to pass for such
    a burdened soul to finally
    find satisfaction?”
    Seems in my life I have known a few of them.

    Pamela, thanks for that. This prompt seemed to come out of nowhere, but given my most recent experiences, I couldn’t pass it up. I think most of us go through that sense of lack of satisfaction and it is meant to push us forward, no matter the direction we take. Satisfaction, after all, is only momentary and then we take the next step,



  4. Linda says:

    Glad you are home.Take care.

    This is a wonderful poem— I especially resonated to the realization that no choices were made.

    Linda, am doing just that, and thank you. I think there are times when refusing to choose is a choice, but also others when it means a wait and see period that we might very well need. Hecate, in this form seems to be a symbol for all of life’s choices, big and small and none at all.



  5. Rashmi says:

    Very very happy to know that you are back home safe after the procedure..
    A very thought provoking poem dear..
    I like each line.The way you portrayed the birds sitting on her ,people asking the way to her.
    But the final doubt which she projects is super-
    “Or would she immediately know
    that it makes no difference
    which way she goes?”

    Nice ending..A question mark as she herself always is and always will be for her?

    Welcome back Elizabeth…………………..

    And thank you Rashmi, for your generous words. This poem came about because I went looking for info on Hecate and got a whole lot more than I expected. What you see here is my own meandering questions about the concept of her symbolism. Joseph Campbell wrote that mythology resonates within us because it is the story of the development of the human psyche, there is truth in it, but one must go exploring to find it. It also came at a time when I was questioning my own crossroads experience and that is here as well. I love it when it all comes together, lol.



  6. derrick2 says:

    I loved reading this, Elizabeth, every part of it, which sets out her story so well. The dichotomy of being called upon for advice while also not knowing which way to turn. The last stanza echoes the outlook of my own piece! Glad to know you are home and trust you’ll be back to full strength very soon.

    Derrick, I brought home more than two new stents, I caught a cold as well. Aren’t hospitals wonderful intersections? I kept looking at that picture and thought it could just as easily represent an individual giving herself whiplash in the constant desire to make the best, or most perfect choices. We do get caught up in that on occasion. Thank you for your generous words, and I’ll stay here behind my monitor, if it starts sneezing, I’ll let you know,



  7. What a narration. So beautifully done. Loved to read that story..

    mirror at crossroads

    Gautami, glad you enjoyed, as I enjoyed reading your poem. I’m just sorry that I didn’t get to all the responses this time. Had to climb back in bed and just play possom for a while. Hopefully things will smooth out soon,



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