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The title of this blog site is Soul’s Music. Music has been a core ingredient of my life, all of my life. I am one of those individuals who always has song lyrics dancing through her head, from the moment I awake, until the minute I fall asleep. It wasn’t a big surprise that I got into poetry which is simply another form of music.

In the past, I have suggested that keeping track of the music one listens to is a good way to explore ones own history, and have actually done some of that in off moments. And, as a Writing Instructor, I often used music and song lyrics to encourage my students to get on the page and stay there. This next poem is a direct result of one such exercise.

Online, I have been building a playlist of songs that have, for one reason or another, caught my attention and have meaning for me. Songs that express certain states of being, specific memories, and whole time periods during my existence. Being a word person, it was always the lyrics that captured my attention, although I also enjoyed the music. I now have several different playlists and hundreds of song titles to listen to and play with. Being a person of age, that means a whole lot of music.

The poem I will post today is a direct result of playing with one of my numerous playlists. Although I love poetry, it doesn’t always come easily. I have been writing a great deal of prose recently and switching back to the poetry was proving a bit difficult. So, I reverted back to a little exercise I used to use in just such situations.

I browsed through a playlist and simply jotted down the titles of about thirty of the songs. The ones that caught my eye or my emotions. Then used those titles to create the piece. I got the idea when I was driving in my car with the radio on and caught just a snippet of an old Jim Croce number. That became the title of the piece. It is essentially a List poem, as well as a Found one. I enjoyed doing the exercise and hope you enjoy the results.

Working At The Car Wash Blues

Sometimes want
to Drift Away,
Listen To The Music,
let Tiny Geometries
of ancient Kid Fears
become no more than particles,
Dust In The Wind.
If I Could,
Sleepwalk til’ Sundown.

But, Breathe in,
am Gone Again,
realize I’m Not Ready
To Make Nice.
Small Wildfire of Change within
seeks certain Satisfaction
in telling everyone
to Get Off My Cloud.
Invite all these Rainy
Day People
to a party,
serve them Little Green Apples,
set them to running,
Whistling In The Dark,
wishing they could find
Mercy Street.

Elizabeth Crawford  1/22/10

This is a list of the Artists whose songs I used, some more than once:

Jim Croce
The Doobie Brothers
Ray Lynch
Indigo Girls
Paul Simon
The Ventures
Gordon Lightfoot
Anna Nalick
Dixie Chicks
Michael Martin Murphy
Tracy Chapman
The Rolling Stones
Roger Miller
They Might Be Giants
Peter Gabriel

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3 Responses to Playing With A Playlist

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  2. Susan B. says:

    Thouroughly enjoyed this Found Poem: heard each song in my head as I read.


  3. 1sojournal says:

    Hi again Susan,

    I think I like this particular little exercise because I always end up with something that makes me laugh and reminds me that the making of words, whether poetry or prose should be more fun than work. It’s also good to know that someone else can remember back this far, lol.



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