Blue Nowhere


Attempted to write a poem this morning. Ended up with a brooding piece about brooding over time. Gave it up, but that leaves me with nothing to post here. Decided instead to offer the viewer yet another Mandala which was finished last night. The design was created by Marc Bove and his site can be located by clicking on any of the images in The Mandala Gallery posted, and listed, just beneath my banner.

Am fast beginning to think that a Mandala is poetry of another kind. A visual statement, self-contained, sometimes needing to be puzzled over to discover its meaning, yet whispering of a rhythm and harmony all its own. Instead of words, colors that hint or give glimpses into feeling states, and even a bit of philosophy if one takes the time to sort it out.

Poems have been defined as distilled moments. In other words, a process of creation that happens over time, usually on some back burner in the poet’s mind. Because a Mandala, especially the making and coloring of it, is a form of active meditation, it also falls within that same definition. The poem, each word chosen carefully for sense as well as sound, is the end result, the still moment. And a Mandala is a very similar process, the choosing of colors that blend and harmonize to create a larger perspective, a distilled moment of awareness and understanding in the cycle of life.

A poem has a central focus and all of its pieces and parts are aimed at that center point. So too, with a Mandala which is meant to capture the eye, and the movement within its circular frame points back at its center from which all else proceeds.

All of that and more, or you have simply stumbled upon a lazy poet who can create a reasonable argument out of thin air, and do it with prose and a defining image, lol.

Blue Nowhere

Blue Nowhere


Hint: Blue Nowhere is the title of a Jeffrey Deaver suspense novel in which he writes that Blue Nowhere is a hacker definition for the Internet. In my personal lexicon the color blue symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. Brown is the color of earth and the physical realm. And orange, which is a derivative of red, yellow, and or brown, is the symbol of pleasure found in pursuing ones personal passions. The color scheme was inspired by a sweatshirt I bought for my younger sister at a rummage sale this past weekend. The shirt was blue and decorated with an embroidery design of oranges, browns, and cream hues.

Now, how could I get that all into one little poem?

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