Glimpse of Awareness

Skyflower by Diddums

Skyflower by Diddums

Glimpse of Awareness

Do you ever remember
that night? The bonfire,
how we lay flat on our backs,
in soft grass, to catch glimpses
of predicted shooting stars?

For comfort, I rested my head
near the curve of your hip,
unwittingly beginning the end
of the us that had been
for so many years.

Unaware that you had found
another who awakened far
deeper feelings than those
we shared, I made wishes
on glimpses, never predicting
their failure to be fulfilled.

But, the next day, when you came
to say in an almost whisper,
that my actions might be considered
by some to be inappropriate,
I remembered how your body
stiffened at my touch,
and awareness moved through me
like a shooting star, weaving
its way across midnight blue
of that soft summer’s evening.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/25/09

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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3 Responses to Glimpse of Awareness

  1. diddums says:

    That’s a lovely poem, that tells a story. And we’ve all been there… looking back and (belatedly) seeing the warning signs.


  2. 1sojournal says:

    Glad you like it. I love the image and the poem started whispering in my ear, the moment you sent it to me. Thanks big huge bunches.



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