In response to Claudette’s Weekly Writing Challenge #8:  Inner World.




He flew out of the deeper
mists of my inner world.
Thumped his way into
my living space, got up
into my face, and told me
that his name
is Neosafalus.

Whatever that might mean.
He’s a bit on the lean side,
certainly can’t hide the fact
that he is a dragon. Smells
somewhat of smoke, but
I didn’t choke at his
sudden appearance.

Have met his kind before,
know something of their lore,
and understand that he comes
with at least one lesson. They
are a superior breed, have
developed a need to help we
humans to be better
at being human.

He will take his time
and I’m willing to wait
on his discretion, because
whatever that lesson might be,
I already know it is needed.

Dragons live forever, so he
can afford to be patient
with me. We will learn how
to co-exist and when he
is finished teaching, he will
fly once again into those deep
blue mists, but will never
be forgotten.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/22/09

Notes: The color of a dragon often speaks of the lesson he/she comes to teach. Purple is the color of personal power, and blue is the color of knowledge and wisdom.

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2 Responses to Neosafalus

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  2. JulesPaige says:

    Dragons live forever…This whole story is captivating. Thanks for the link. I don’t think I’ve met such dragons, though I think I may have conquered a few demons. 🙂

    I smiled when I read your comment. There was a time when dragons were seen as demons, needing to be slain, destroyed. The dragons have certainly been met with mixed reviews. I welcome them because they often bring laughter and music with them. That doesn’t mean the lessons are easy, they often aren’t, but they certainly make them interesting. Thanks for taking the time to read,



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