Wind Wishing

pic #4 Unknown Artist

pic #4 Unknown Artist

This is one of the images from yesterday’s Stormy Monday blog. It kept calling to me, so I finally wrote down what was whispering in my ear, each time I looked at it.

Wind Wishing

Little girl sitting
at edge of her world,
arms curled around
herself, holding in

Wish I were the wind
playing gently through
her hair, caressing air
round small worried face.

Would whisper in her ear
to “let go”, how she is too
young to already know
that eyes can reveal
secrets of the soul.

Would tell her I would
keep those guarded bits,
fling them far into tomorrow,
so that when she can
look back,

she will laugh to remember
how she found ease
in a simple breeze, comfort
for soul when she was,
for a moment, too old
to know whatever
she is knowing.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/24/09

For Poets United Poetry Pantry: 2/24/13

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8 Responses to Wind Wishing

  1. ellaedge says:

    Oh, Elizabeth this is magical, like the whisper of an urban legend.
    We all needed this wisdom once upon a time~
    ❤ your poem!


  2. The anticipation of facing life full in the face. Great words.


  3. Mary says:

    Ah yes, sometimes it seems that children are too knowledgeable for their age. You’d just like to protect them from ‘life’ just a little bit longer. But their minds will go where they will go…..and we have to let them. The picture definitely works well with your poem, Elizabeth!


  4. WabiSabi says:

    This is so fairy tale like. The wind whispering and playing with her hair. Lovely vision!


  5. Sherry Marr says:

    Elizabeth, this is haunting. I think we were all that little girl once, with worried faces, and no one to tell us everything would be all right.


  6. Kim Nelson says:

    If only we could impart all that you allude to, and comfort all the while.


  7. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    I can really feel your empathy with her. I like the clarity of your language, the focus on small details and the tone of tenderness.


  8. Willow says:

    You drew me right in and kept me on the edge of the seat through the whole poem. Powerful, excellent.


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