Aries Rising


For We Write Poems poetry prompt: art of making fire

card 103, Gallery 2

Aries Rising

inside and out.
Want to write
but words
are only stiff
frozen letters
refusing to bend
around curves
of inner landscape.

are swirling snowflakes
by ferocious wind
razor sharp edges
all exposed skin.

Quick now,
rub pen
across paper,
it is time
to build fire,
to burn.

Elizabeth Crawford

*Originally published in Soul’s Journey 2004.

Notes: My apologies, this is an old piece, but am knee deep in NaPoWriMo poem a day challenge. However, when I saw this prompt, this poem came immediately to mind. The image was added for this post and is one of the Soul Card images which may be found by clicking on the image itself. The Soul Cards were created by Deborah Koff-Chapin, and she has graciously allowed me to use them for the poem a day challenge. Her site may be reached here:

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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9 Responses to Aries Rising

  1. Mike Patrick says:

    Ouch! Painful process, but it builds a good poem.

    Mike, this poem came about because someone asked me to write a poem, cold, while she waited. I, of course, went totally blank and then wrote about my feelings about performance on demand. She took it away with her and published it in her zine, a few weeks later. Said she loved it. I have always wondered if she had any inkling, at all. It was also exceedingly cold and snowy outside, and I am an Aries. All of that has made it a favorite of mine. Smile and wonder everytime I read it, lol. We do sometimes learn important lessons from unlikely sources.



  2. nimue says:

    wonderfully portrayed !
    thanks for sharing 🙂

    And thank you for stopping by to read it,



  3. Being an Aries, I am always on the tops. Even when in the doldrums.

    Love the title!!!


    ignition point

    So we share the sign as well, Gautami? Wonderful. My birthday is only a few days away. I will think of you and the wealth of words we share. I like the title as well, thank you,



  4. vivinfrance says:

    The poem was reward enough for the reading, and then came your wonderful explanation of the birth of the poem. Wow! Just Wow!

    Lol, I was a bit pissed in the moment, Viv. Perhaps anger is a sort of heat that will start a fire? Like that idea. And thanks for stopping. It’s been a rough day. I will try to catch up tomorrow,



  5. Glad you brought this out for us to read. enjoyed it

    And I am glad you enjoyed, Marian.



  6. pamela says:

    Elizabeth, how cool that it fit the prompt, don’t you love that when it happens? I am feeling a bit tired myself with work, napo, work, writing, napo … I starting feel a bit dizzy.


    Thanks Pamela, and I fully understand, am feeling a bit whoozy myself. Maybe tomorrow will be better for both of us?



  7. Andy says:

    Great find for the prompt.

    Welcome Andy and thanks for stopping in,



  8. Irene says:

    I like the writing spark! Yes.

    Being an Aries, it was a given I would have to find some way to make a fire. Thanks Irene,



  9. ms pie says:

    a wonderfully passionate poem.. a great tool of expression, writing is…. love how it fit perfectly into the prompt and the creative art of making your fire…

    Ms Pie, I’m knee-deep in NaPoWriMo amidst several other things, just as so many of the poets are. But, this poem is one of my favorites for many reasons, and I couldn’t resist using it for the prompt. There is creative fire within each of us, learning how to light it, feed it, and be warmed by the results, is a life-long process. Thanks for reading and enjoying the poem,



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