Standing In The Gap


Standing In The Gap

Canyon is a gap
between two earthen faces.
Would take a scientist
to explain how time’s
erosion and liquid life
flowing, separated common
ground once held
by two stone faces.

There is a gap
between god and a man,
between that man
and another, between
a woman and her friend,
a husband and mother,
wife and her lover,
brother and daughter,
sister and son.
This space between physical
faces could be said to be filled
with a word.

There’s an obvious gap
between truth and a lie,
theory and experience,
and between a thought
and a deed.
Not so clear, is the gap
between wish and desire,
knowledge and wisdom,
and that one between
want and a need.
These spaces between abstract
faces could be said to be filled
with a concept, an image.

Had I been a man,
might have been that one
who went around tilting
at windmills. Instead,
I’m a woman who stands
in the gap between a word
and an image. Daring with fingers
to free-form the feelings
which fill up pulsating spaces.

Elizabeth Crawford

*Originally published in small volume titled Here, But For Me, There Be Dragons, 1998.


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6 Responses to Standing In The Gap

  1. Susan B. says:

    This piece is one of the truest expressions of your voice: the rythym, rhymes internal and external, theme (difference, Other, artist…). I keep replacing my favorites with new one, old one, some I remember, some I don’t.Keep writing, keep living Your life. Thank you. Susan


  2. 1sojournal says:

    Thank you. It is an old one, but has an incredible amount of significance for me personally. It speaks of a great many ways in which I see myself, that, until now and your comment, I thought were not that obvious. Each time I go back to it, I find layers of meaning that I was not aware of when I wrote it. I love it when one can keep giving oneself gifts that don’t get tired, but stand in the test of time gaps.



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  6. Pamela says:

    I really love this, Elizabeth. Your third stanza says it all. Very nicely done.


    So glad you took the time to read it, Pamela. It is definitely one of my favorites. I remember writing it in the coffee shop, getting half way through and wondering where it was all going and why the hell I was writing it at all. So many of my poems seem to come from that pattern.



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